Electronic Devices to Get Your Home Business Started – 2024 Basics

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Starting a home business often requires you to invest in equipment, electronics, and gadgets. Exactly what you are going to need will depend on the type of business that you run and the work that you will be doing.

Many businesses that are run from home are online businesses that can be run from a computer or laptop, but it’s definitely worth considering a range of further electronics products that can help you run your enterprise even more efficiently and increase your chance of success.

Whatever type of home-based business you are starting up, here are some gadgets that you are likely to need and more that are definitely worth considering. 

PC or Laptop

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It’s a wise idea to use a dedicated computer for your business. This allows you to keep your business and personal documents separate and preserves the life of your machine. If you’re going to be using a computer or laptop a lot for your business, it’s a wise idea to invest in a powerful PC with a decent amount of random access memory (RAM) and a powerful processor, to ensure that your computer can keep up with the demand and will last you for as long as possible.

Starting your business using your personal laptop might work well for some, but you might find that you’re going to need a better machine that’s dedicated to your business once it begins to grow. Check out the range of computers and laptops available for businesses at bluedogsupplies.com


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A business smartphone is often the first thing that many home business owners invest in. This is because if you are taking calls from clients, you will want to have a separate number and a dedicated phone in order to keep your personal communications private. There’s nothing worse than clients being able to access you after business hours, and you will want to be able to switch off and enjoy a good work-life balance. investing in a business smartphone means that after business hours you can turn the phone off or switch it to silent.

When investing in a business smartphone, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Consider what you plan to use the phone to help you make the right choice. For example, a basic smartphone might be ideal for taking calls and messages, but if you want to really separate your business and personal lives with a separate phone for business emails and apps, it’s probably worth investing in something a little more powerful. If you’re often out of the house on business, battery life is an important consideration. 

All in One Printer & Scanner

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Paper might be getting less and less popular these days with more services moving online, but you never know when you’re going to need to print, scan, or photocopy a document. The good news is that there are plenty of affordable devices on the market today that are ideal for a home business and are definitely worth investing in.

Consider how much printing, copying, and scanning you expect to be doing in your business before choosing the right option for you. A budget machine will typically be well-suited for your business if this is something that you only expect to need occasionally. On the other hand, if you expect to regularly print invoices, estimates, and other paper documents for your customers, clients, or suppliers, it’s worth investing in a better-quality, reliable machine. 

Webcam and Headset

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Depending on the laptop or computer that you have invested in for your business, it might not be necessary to purchase a separate webcam. However, a headset is usually a good investment especially if you expect to be taking a lot of voice or video calls using your computer.

You can find basic headsets that plug into your computer’s aux outlet or the USB port, or you can invest in a Bluetooth headset if you’d like that portability that comes with being wireless. A good video call set-up is pretty much essential for anybody these days thanks to COVID19, with video calls now becoming a more increasingly common method of professional communication than ever before. 

Backup Hardware

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If your home business is collecting any form of data, then it’s important to consider how you are going to store this securely. Cloud storage is an option if you do not want to invest in any additional hardware, but you might want to consider hardware as either a backup or your main form of storage.

Storage hardware like a portable or integrated hard drive can also be used to back up company documents, invoices, contracts, and any other important information that you can’t’ afford to lose. It’s a wise idea to opt for a backup drive with built-in security protection to ensure that any documents and data stored on it are safe at all times. 

Smart Speaker

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While a smart speaker might not be necessary for running your home business, this is a gadget that can certainly make your work life easier from your home office.

Using just your voice, you can ask speakers like the Amazon Echo or Google Home to play music, make calls, send or read text messages, place online shopping orders, remind you of something, set timers, control certain lights and other Wi-Fi connected devices, and a whole lot more.

Instead of having to get up to do all of those things, being able to ask your speaker can make the work that you do much more efficient and productive. 


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If your home business uses a lot of paper documents that might contain sensitive information regarding your company or customers, it’s important that you are able to dispose of these documents in a secure manner. And the best way to do this is to invest in a shredder that will completely destroy all the documents before they are disposed of to ensure that no data can be stolen from them. 

Today there are more options than ever before available to those looking to start a home business. These are just some of the electronic devices that you might find helpful to invest in when you start out.