Eliminate Viruses and Bacteria from your Home Naturally – 2024 Guide  

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One of the things that most concern mothers of families are being able to have a clean home free of viruses and bacteria. Given the situation of the Covid-19, wanting to have a clean and germ-free house is increasingly insistent since going out to shop or perhaps leaving the house for some reason can cause viruses and bacteria to enter our home, even having the respective precautionary measure to avoid contagion, we must carry out the cleaning of our house at least once a month for. Today I will teach you how to clean your house and eliminate germs from it easily and naturally.

Keep in mind that during the winter the spread of viruses and bacteria is more common. One of the most common diseases to contract in this winter season can be the flu or also known as a cold.

Remember that coronavirus and influenza are different diseases, but cleaning and disinfection to combat these viruses and contagion are similar.

When you get the flu, use all the remedies to cure it as quickly as possible. Especially once cured, our house is infected with microbes. Here are our tips for disinfecting your home from the flu.

The first reflex to adopt to disinfect your home after a flu episode is to ventilate your home well. A gesture to adopt every day, even during the illness episode, which lasts at least 15 minutes a day: it is an excellent way to eliminate the presence of many contaminants and bacteria.

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Thoroughly clean the sink and bathroom

This area is a mark for microbes, so it is important to disinfect it as well as the toilet. Don’t forget the areas affected by the hands, of course. Also pay special attention to toothbrushes, stored together in some families. Without actually replacing the toothbrush, boil it to disinfect it.

Disinfect the entire house with the appropriate products

Also, clean all the other rooms in the house where the patient went. Of course, you will find disinfectant products on the market, such as bleach, which will kill germs and lime in a single gesture, certainly not necessarily very good for nature. In the case of an epidemic, however, we do not hesitate, even if it varies according to use.

In fact, during an epidemic, bacteria and microbes are suspended in the air, but also on floors and surfaces.

Combat germs with aromatherapy

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Aromatherapy is a good way to fight viruses or respiratory illnesses like colds to ease flu symptoms and disinfect the home. Please note that this does not replace the medication.

One of the ways to eliminate the viruses and germs that remain in the air of the home is through incense sticks or with the help of aroma diffusers and essential oils.

You can purify your air with the help of incenses, you can put in a heat resistant container a little palo santo, cinnamon, this you will light and a smoke with a pleasant aroma will begin to vote. Remember to do this technique with your house ventilated.

Another option is to use an aroma diffuser to place a few drops of essential oil with antibacterial properties and let its steam invade our home, I recommend using the Palo Santo essential oil since it has great properties, including limonene, a strong antibacterial agent that Helps fight viral and respiratory illnesses. For more information visit, EcuadorianHands.

Wash sheets and towels very frequently

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If towels need to be washed every day in case of severe infection, it is the same for sheets, which crumble under germs in case of illness, and in particular pillowcases. After a viral illness, wash the patient’s sheets separately, if possible, at a minimum of 60 ° C. You can take advantage of the wash cycle to add wash gloves, dishcloths, and towels, mops and sponges.

Disinfect commonly used items to get the flu out of the home

Who cleans the handles on your doors? Probably not many people, and yet they are regularly affected. The same applies to even more common objects that the whole family uses: video game controllers, computer keyboards and remote controls, for example, but also switches, phones, download buttons or even handles, pouch or jewelry real nests of microbes They should already be thoroughly cleaned in normal times.

Create your own antibacterial soaps

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Grate a bar of plain soap in a saucepan with enough water to dissolve it. Add 4 or 5 drops of Palo Santo essential oil or other essential oil. Place the mixture in a mold and let cool until it solidifies. According to researchers at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, regular soap is just as effective at dissolving bacterial cell membranes as antibacterial soap; In both cases, you should rub vigorously for 20 seconds. Adding natural antimicrobials to regular soap improves its antibacterial properties while providing a scented result.

Disinfect your meals with white vinegar

White vinegar is the ultimate weapon for natural cleaning in a home. Household Products you buy at the grocery store are a source of indoor contamination that is sometimes dangerous. Instead of spending a fortune on chemicals, go back to grandma’s recipes and especially embrace the famous white vinegar. This product can work miracles! White vinegar is industrially made from natural products. In fact, it is obtained by acetifying the alcohol of beets and corn. You can use it without moderation, as it does not represent danger.

How to use it? It can largely replace industrial detergents and other chemicals that you have in your closet. Very economical, it is easy to use, and, above all, it is not toxic. You can use it as a disinfectant, as a deodorant, like limescale, as a fabric softener, as a window cleaner, or as a herbicide.

I hope these little tips are very helpful to you, remember not to panic, always stay calm and follow precautions. Remember to wear a mask and gloves before leaving your home and washing your hands frequently.