Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean in the Time of Coronavirus – 2024 Guide

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At a time when the whole world is shaken by the Covid-19 pandemic, staying home is the only option and known vaccine to this virus. For the fact that you will be indoors full time or most of the time, your home is bound to get dirty often, and you must keep it clean at all times.

As you stock your home with food, it is imperative that you also buy cleaning products and equipment in plenty. Besides the regular cleaning that you do, there are extra cautionary measures also required to keep germs and this dreadful virus at bay. Here are incredible tips for keeping your home clean in the time of Coronavirus.

Put everything away after use

This might seem very obvious, but it is an essential tip, and failure to do so is the leading cause of untidiness in your home. In every home, everything has its place, and that is why before you embark on cleaning surfaces, you ensure that everything is stored in the right place. Immediately after cleaning dishes after a meal, ensure that you put them back in the cabinets.

When you leave them in the sink, they easily mix up with dirty dishes, and everything becomes untidy again. Ensure that clean clothes are in the closet and not on your bed, the dirty one in the laundry basket and shoes are kept on the shoe rack rather than leaving them at the front door.

Clean regularly

Just like it is recommended to wash and sanitize hands regularly, it is vital that you also clean your home regularly. Come up with a cleaning schedule and include your family member. Make sure everyone washes their rooms several times every week and clean commonly used rooms such as the kitchen, living room, dining room, study room, patio, and corridors every day.

Use the recommended cleaning equipment and products

These are not ordinary times, and you must use cleaning equipment and disinfectant recommended by the relevant authorities. While cleaning clothes, surfaces, and household items, you must add an alcohol-based disinfectant to the cleaning water to kill the virus.

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Designate a specific cloth to use to disinfect high touch surfaces such as kitchen counters, door handles, furniture, and electronic appliances, and gadgets such as remotes, fridge, and mobile phones. Ensure that you also disinfect the cleaning equipment such as mops, vacuum machine, and brushes and dustpans.

Disinfect regularly

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Besides the regular cleaning that you do every day or week, you must disinfect the entire house and compound frequently. The Coronavirus lives on surfaces such as metal, glass, plastics, and ceramic for days, which is why disinfection is necessary. Besides disinfecting high touch surfaces, you must find an expert such as Excel Pest Services to offer you quality disinfection service.

This is meant to ensure that the entire house and compound are disinfected. Some surfaces might be out of reach, or you might bypass cleaning and hiring a professional to disinfect the whole home once in a while is the best solution for this.

Bath your pets regularly

The same way kids go around playing and gathering dirt and germs, so do pets. While you might excel at keeping your children indoors, it is hard to do the same with pets such as cats. Their fur could be a harbor for the Coronavirus even if it is for a few hours putting you and your family at risk. Due to this, it is essential that you bath your pets every day or whenever they leave the compound.

Clean bathroom and kitchen before and after use

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There are rooms in the house that are shared by everyone and regularly used than others and include the kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen, for example, is the heart of every home, which means through the kitchen everybody could get infected. Before you begin preparing any meal or snack, ensure that you clean and disinfect the kitchen. Use a disinfectant or a sanitizer on the kitchen counter, fridge door, cooker top cabinets, and the sink as well. Once your meal is complete, clean, and disinfect the surfaces used.

For the bathroom, the routine is the same, but stricter. Give a directive to all your family members to clean and disinfect the bathroom before and after use. Besides these, ensure that you also do random cleaning and disinfection of the bathroom throughout the day as a precautionary measure. Random cleaning is necessary as anyone in the family could forget or ignore to do as instructed.

Do your laundry regularly

Clothes are part of surfaces where Coronavirus lives for several days before they die, which is why you must do your laundry not only as a measure to keep your home clean but also to lower the risk of infection. Be sure to allocate a laundry basket to store all dirty worn by anyone who has gone out in the day or night. Allocate another one for the clothes of those who remained indoors. You must avoid mixing up the two.

If you need to use laundry facilities outside your home, be sure to prepare your laundry before to reduce the amount of time you spend outside.

Proper food preparation and handling techniques

While there is no evidence of people getting infected by Coronavirus from food, there is the possibility of catching Covid-19 from food packaging. When buying food from a store or getting a delivery to your home, you need to be careful, as the food packaging is the exposing factor. During unpacking, ensure that you remove and dispose of any unnecessary packaging into a waste bin with a lid. Use your packaging containers to store food in the fridge.

For the unpacked produce such as vegetables and fruits, ensure that you wash them thoroughly with running water. After cleaning, wash your hands with soap and running water and store these products on a disinfected surface.

You can never be too careful or too clean in times of Coronavirus, which is why regular cleaning and disinfection are essential for your home.