Top 7 Best Email Encryption Services For 2024


An average individual takes close to five hours daily to check their personal and work email. Electronic mail is an efficient strategy to communicate and share important information, but it is not always secure. Particularly, this is true if you use a standard email service to undertake blockchain transactions, including Compound – an autonomous interest-rate protocol on the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Therefore, you need to find secure email services that offer end-to-end encryption to use in 2024. Encryption is perfect for protecting your privacy to a great degree which will not be possible in the minsntream email services. Here are the top seven best encryption services for 2024.

1. ProtonMai


ProtonMail is one of the most popular end-to-end email services you can use in 2024. It is an open-source email service that offers end-to-end asymmetric encryption. The provider allows you to use this service for free if you usually send less than 150 mails daily and do not require much storage. That being said, there is a file storage system which is to be introduced soon. It is currently being tested at the beta stage.

A unique feature that ProtonMail offers is its self-destructing emails. With this feature, you can pre-set a termination date for specific emails, and it will be deleted from the receiver’s inbox when time lapses. This is the perfect feature for removing clutter and for protecting the privacy of the two parties involved in the conversation. Another application of this feature is with sensitive information that you do want to stay with a third party for long.

Additionally, this service stores your data using zero-access encryption, implying that even ProtonMail is not aware of your password and cannot decrypt any of your mails. Not only the content of your mails but our personal dtaa is completely at your disposal so you will get complete security on all accounts.

2. is an encrypted mailing service for enterprises and individuals searching for an alternative to Microsoft or Google service providers. Besides its encrypted email, it provides other encrypted services, including video conferencing, a task planner, cloud storage, and an address book. leverages PGP encryption – a public-key encryption service popular for email encryption. Although this service does not have a free plan, it is relatively cheap. You can get more information about encrypted mail platforms here.

3. PreVeil


PreVeil offers you free end-to-end encrypted secure email. It is perfect for business and personal use depending on need. It has free cloud storage that is secure for your business. A key benefit is that the entire maling platform is very easy to operate and learn.

There is end to end encryption with all the communications done through the platform. Some of its advantages include working with your existing mail accounts without changing any detail. It has a comparatively complex key recovery system which can be difficult for some people even though it shows their commitment to safety. The platform is made compatible with Outlook, Apple Mail, and Gmail.

4. Tutanota Premium

With the help of powerful open-source encryption algorithms, Tutanota Premium encrypts each aspect of the mails you send. Besides, the service offers a free version that permits you to send unlimited mails. It is perfect for someone who communicates mostly through emailing or needs them for work. Protection of data along with no restrictions on the daily limit makes it a great choice on this list.

Its key benefits include a full-fledged calendar, open-source code, a secure search of encrypted emails, and the ability to encrypt entire emails, including headers and subjects. The only disadvantage comes in terms of starge The encrypted messages will be stored in the disk so the space will be taken for the same from your device.

5. Zoho Mail


The service provider offers a free edition that anybody can utilize, but it is popular among business owners. Zoho Mail’s Workplace plan comes with a webinar platform, word processor, chat feature, spreadsheet software, and collaboration tools. The service encrypts messages while in transit and on its servers using S/MIME – a type of asymmetric cryptography.

6. Private-Mail

Private-Mail leverages PGP encryption to secure your emails. The enhanced security features include the ability to share encrypted files. The service offers many unique features, including two-factor authentication and AES 256 file encryption, both of which are perfect for protecting user data.

There is also secure cloud storage, and the option to choose self-destructing emails. However, a significant drawback for this particular service is that it is relatively costly. It is not for businesses that are trying to save costs because some of their time will also go into setting up an account which is a challenge on its own.

7. Virtru Email Protection for Gmail


Virtru mainly safeguards and preserves emails for enterprises. It is specifically made to make the communication process for businesses easier and more secure. It can easily integrate with Gmail to offer simple and quick email encryption. This is by far the most convenient because no other installation is necessary. Some of the key features of this platform include suppressing message forwarding and setting expiration dates for mails sent.

It also functions to safeguard attachments. Another benefit of choosing this program is that it is a free edition. The only drawback we cannot neglect to mention is that you must use Gmail on Chrome to take advantage of this program. The mobile app will not be compatible and neither will any other browser.

The Takeaway

All of these platforms are perfect for security of the mail contents. One needs to choose the right program depending on their individual or business needs. Some Of These options are paid so make sure you only pay if you are confident with the applicability of the services. Free versions for Gmail are also good for small businesses that are currently operating on limited resources. There are small drawbacks that one should consider for a good decision.