2024 Email Marketing Guide – What Makes a Really Great Newsletter

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The development of Internet technology has opened many doors to businesses. If you possess knowledge about digital marketing, then you can achieve some great results. Sticking to the traditional way of advertising won’t help you become better than competitors.

Yet, we have noticed that many people focus their marketing campaigns on social media. The reason for that is probably a huge number of people. However, what if we tell you that Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms are not the most effective tool for advertising?

Believe it or not, email marketing brings the best results to businesses in different fields. More precisely, this type of marketing delivers a 3800% ROI on average. For every $1 that you invest, you can potentially get $38. Of course, this counts if your campaign meets the requirements of your audience. That’s why the power of newsletters is every business should use!

How to Gather E-Mails of Customers?

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Logically, you won’t be able to send newsletters to your audience if you somehow do not get their emails. We will use the method that most of the online businesses use. They usually ask for an email in the post-purchasing period. When a customer purchases a product, a new window usually pops up before they leave a website. There will be a box where they can type into their email for the newest info about the shop.

If you want to convince them more to do that, offer them a 20% discount for the next purchase if they subscribe to your email.

The point of the newsletters is to convince people to buy some of your products. That’s why you need to develop a powerful email marketing campaign. It is okay if you do not feel confident after our pieces of advice. You can always hire someone such as Yespo to help you with this.

Yet, trying to do things on your own is also a good choice. So, let’s start with the tips!

Think of Attractive Title!

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Keep in mind that people receive dozens of emails during the day. Most of them remain unopened. That’s why you need to find a way to get their attention and convince them to open your newsletter.

Logically, the first thing that they see is the title of the email. Our suggestion is not to use long-form titles. They should remain short but convincing! Use a couple of words that will explain the things that the receiver will find in the title. For instance, a title such as “20% Discount until the End of the Week” would be a great choice!

The reader will get attention, he will know what you offer in advance, and there is a big chance he will open it!

Pick the Right Design

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Okay, your previous customer clicked and the first thing that he sees is design! For example, imagine that your newsletter is colored completely in black. That color would be hard to read and he won’t even check what you have to offer.

Use the designs suitable for your industry. For example, if you are selling medical products, the background of the newsletter should be light green. That is a color of health. Besides that, your design needs to be adaptable for different devices.

Design the Header Properly

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The first thing that a person sees after checking the “entire” design is a header. That’s why you have to pay extra attention to this part! In this place, it is recommendable to put a logo of your shop. The reader will immediately be aware that he is reading your newsletter.

This is especially important for the readers that already read your newsletters before. If they were satisfied with your previous newsletter, then they won’t have a problem to continue reading.

Pay Attention to Subtitles as Well

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We have to say one thing. The human eye is quite ungrateful. You haven’t probably noticed that you doing the same. Yet, do you truly go line by line and read the entire content that you see online? Of course not, we are skipping parts, getting back to the previous part of the text, etc.

First of all, using subtitles makes the text easier for reading. Imagine this article without subtitles. Would you even reach this part of the text? Despite that, the content below the subtitle should not be long as well. We suggest that your paragraphs contain less than 150 words.

Anyway, the reader will probably go through the email before everything. The first thing that his eye will catch is subtitles. That will give him a clearer picture of what he can expect in the newsletter. Try to be as precise as possible with subtitles. Maybe the reader looks for a certain part and it will be easier for him to find it with a subtitle.

Use Images

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Our lives became faster because of Internet technology. That also means that we all became a bit impatient. So, even if you have the most engaging newsletter ever, it is necessary to cover it with images. These images should not be large a lot and they need to possess quality. Thanks to the images, the newsletter itself becomes less monotonous.

Include the Links in the Right Place

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We understand that you want to attract people to go to your website for some reason. Yet, the newsletter mustn’t be full of links. It will be more effective to put 3 links in the right place than putting 10 links through the entire text of 500 words.

There is one more thing that we need to add. Each newsletter needs to have “call-to-action” parts. The one that always needs to exist is located at the end of the newsletter. For instance, “visit our website to see new products” or “click on the link to get discount”. However, you can also include them somewhere in the middle of the text as well. Of course, do not overdo it.

Footer is Equally Important as Header

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We have noticed that many businesses neglect the importance of footer. Some newsletters do not even possess it. Well, this is a perfect place to share your contact info with the reader. Despite that, you can add social media buttons there or allows users to give you feedback.

Be Regular

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How often you will send newsletters is your choice. It depends on a lot of factors. Yet, if you usually send them on Monday and Thursday, then stick to that schedule. Your customers will get used to your newsletters on certain days. More precisely, they will expect them at the current moment. If you do that constantly, they will appreciate the time that you dedicated to them.