5 Tips For Taking The RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course

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A Power boat training course is done in different levels depending on the level of experts and individual wants. It is easy to be confused about how much one wants to learn which is why knowing the training details is important. Different courses have different curriculum and also allow for major improvements. In this article, we will be specifically talking about the RYA powerboat level 2 course. Let us know about the course specifics as well as some general tips for taking the programme.

What is the RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course?

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There is a Level 1 course which is usually recommended to beginners to learn the basics. The level 2 course favors people who have learnt some of the basics and now want to continue with the powerboat skills. Instead of the Level 1 course, it is the second level course which makes an individual eligible for getting an official license in the UK.

The course training is very diverse and builds up the confidence of everyone involved. It helps in navigating the sea and rocky tides. Since the size of powerboats can be daunting, the learners will also know how to command the boat with proper control. The fees of the course varies depending on the service providers so make sure to select a good teacher. You can check out the curriculum of duck-2-water.co.uk for more details.

Save Money and Get a License

A tip we would recommend is to directly invest in taking this course to learn all there is to know about Powerboating. Since it will only last for two days, you will get to know all the basics that qualify you for applying for a license. It is more than enough to get you started on the action. The beginner’s training is more for show because it does not qualify you for a license.

We recommend directly spending your money on this course because it will cover the things that Level 1 would have taught you. After completion, you can get a UK license for powerboats that are as big as 10 meters. It is a good deal especially if you want some real world experience without a guide. The entire time of training will prepare you for commanding a powerboat during different wind speeds.

Get to Know the Curriculum

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You do not enroll in a school without knowing what kind of classes there are. The syllabus matters just as much as the reputation of the school. This is the exact principle you need to apply before going for a RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course. The basics include seafaring techniques and how to maintain control of the boat at all times.

Some details of what to expect include the following:

  • Expert maneuvering of the changing wind speeds and the tides.
  • Safely rescuing an individual from the water in case of emergency.
  • High speed driving in favorable conditions without risking safety.
  • Cornering and picking up a mooring buy.
  • Anchoring as and when required for the powerboat.

These are some of the most crucial things that one should look for in any course. If there are any additional services included in the bundle one should definitely go for it. The course is somewhat costly. Swo if there are any additional perks, one should not hesitate in going for it.

You Can Convert the License

This is a tip which is meant for anyone who has completed the training and now has a UK license for driving powerboats. The license can be converted to an international license if you so desire. Your international vacations will be more thrilling with this license. You would have to apply for an International Certificate of Competence with a minor fee and identification documents.

The RYA is responsible for the entire procedure and it then you have to send your documents to. You can also choose to become a member of the RYA. If you are involved with them for one year, the ICC will be issued to you for free of cost. It is worth it for anyone who travels a lot or wants to use their skills in different locations.

Consider the Price Before Enrollment

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The training for controlling a powerboat is costly so make sure you only do it if you are willing to follow through with the test. The cost of the test varies according to the geographical location. It can be £300 or $450 depending on whether you are in Europe or the US. The tests are very standardized and the training prepares for it even if it is a two day course.

Coughing up this much money might not be possible for anyone. Consider the additional costs in order to plan better for the actual testing and training. It is better than being in a fix later on due to insufficient funds.

Pay Attention to Both Theory and Practical

The practical and theory elements of the course are equally important. The practical elements are crucial but they cannot rely on their own without theoretical knowledge. It is important to know the important terms along with how to navigate the boat.

One should be ready for any challenge which would only be possible if you ace both the elements of the training. The technical terms and theory will come in handy in emergency situations. Practical knowledge is great for day to day situations.

The Takeaway

The RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course is perfect for all interested people who do not want to waste money on the level 1 training. It can easily lead to a license in that particular area. RYA is also authorized to pricie with an international certification if you are interested. The programme has both theory and practical elements that are important in order to understand in order to pass the test for qualification. The powerboat handling is essential for the safety of the driver and all the people. Make sure to enjoy the ride!