European Football Is Back – What To Expect?

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After a few months of downtime with postponements and cancellations initially beginning in mid to late March, but many sporting events are starting to make their way back. We’ve seen motorsport have an early start as NASCAR has had a good run. Combat sports have also done the same as the UFC managed to stage three events without disruption, and UK racing successfully is just around the corner as the Royal Ascot is set to take place in the coming fortnight.

The most popular sport in Europe found in football, however, has fans excited as the four most significant leagues have shown powerful signs of recovery. This is also great news for businesses that rely on these sporting events, specifically within betting, as a sort of golden opportunity has arisen. list the nonspelpaus ones available, which will no doubt see a surge in traffic as a proposed up to seventy games could take place per week if all four leagues run at the higher end of capacity throughout the next two months.

German Bundesliga

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The German league was the first to get underway with eighteen games having been already played since the league restarted on May 16th – a little over a week ago. In a bid to ensure the season is seen completion, this schedule is set to be maintained as current fixtures are fitting around sixteen to eighteen games per week. There had been a little drama just before the league had reopened as a couple of players would test positive for the coronavirus, throwing some doubts to whether or not the games could be played out. Still, they were quickly moved into quarantine, and the league continued without disruption.

UK Premier League

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The second of the big leagues will face the final review this week. The UK government had outlined the start of June as a period where sporting events within the country could be held again, and current the Prem is shaping up to have the restart date be around June 8th. This is tentative as there have been disagreements throughout the entire process through different clubs. Still, the scheduling and fixtures may look similar in the German league as execs aim to have the season completed before August to prepare for the 20/21 season.

There is also the possibility that the Championship league could get underway before the Prem for this very same reason as all the teams seem united in getting things going as quickly and as safely as possible.

Spanish La Liga

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The on and off start date for the La Liga has been happening since a little before the Bundesliga got underway again, it had initially been looking as if the Spanish league would be the first out of the gates as provisional training was approved and mass testing has begun, but it seems as if the restart date had been pushed back once more. The restart date is aimed at June 11th, so just shortly after the UK Prem. This date may change as permission had been given for a go-ahead on the 8th, but that’s to be seen. Barcelona still leads by two points with 11 matches remaining, so there’s still a lot to play for.

Italian Serie A

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It’s no surprise that the Italian league may be amongst the last to restart after it had previously been the hardest-hit country in the world. There have been calls for football and other sporting events to return as soon as possible, but as the country is on the path to recovery, the latest date announced has been for June 15th – this could be, of course, change at any moment. Still, initial signs are looking good as other sectors such as international travel have also been announced to be on the fast track to normalcy. The date set forward is only provisional, however, and any bad signs from the other big European leagues could spell for change here too.

It’s important to note that the French Ligue 1 has already been canceled with PSG being awarded the title, similarly within the Scottish SPFL as Celtic were crowned champs too. Lyon’s French side is heading the call for the cancellation of the season to be overturned by asking it to be taken to the highest administrative court. Still, given the current global situation, it isn’t easy to see whether this can be taken seriously.

Similar news for the Scottish league as Hearts face relegation and have called upon a court case for the losses they may sustain. This one may have some more legs to stand on as the Scottish side could have yet recovered and moved up in the standings. An early cancellation here could have huge implications that aren’t comparable to the French league.

As mentioned, the schedules are looking pretty packed for the coming weeks – August is being eyed as a date for all remaining 19/20 season games to be closed out so the next seasons can be prepared for – not to mention the Euros will need to be played in 2024 too. It was also important to note that these games will all be played out without fans in attendance for the likely foreseeable future.

Social distancing measures have been expected to remain in place until a vaccine is found, so unless so logistics can be shuffled to allow for reduced capacity in these stadiums. With one way systems and social distancing enforced, these ‘ghost’ games will be the future of not only football but also all sporting events to come. Not to matter, however, as broadcasting will still go ahead as per normal and live streaming, these events will be becoming increasingly common too.