7 Creative Event Promotion Ideas to Boost Attendance

Image source: eventbrite.co.uk

As an event organizer, you know for a fact that organizing and managing an event is never a “walk in the park”. You can probably relate to late nights, budgetary constraints, technical difficulties, technological challenges, venue issues, and the like.

But perhaps you will agree that none of these give you as many butterflies in your stomach as making sure your event is well-attended. Getting people to attend the event is, by and large, the top stressor experienced by any event organizer out there, because at the end of the day, attendance is what matters greatly. It makes sense; if you want people to talk about your event, then you will need to have people in your event in the first place.

If you’ve been in this business long enough, you know how important promotional strategies are to get people to come to your event. But by now, you must be running out of creative ideas. You’ve been doing roughly the same thing over and over again, with only some minor modifications here and there, and well, it’s not working anymore. You need something new, something fresh, even if it means getting you out of your comfort zone.

So here you are, and so are we. We will help you discover some creative event promotion ideas you can try for your next event to capture your target market.

Blast your ad and boost your post

Image source: eventbrite.co.uk

Make social media work for you. Okay, so maybe you’ve been doing this, but getting your voice heard across social media platforms will require more than just posting your events to your timeline. Social media platforms are giving you so many tools and opportunities to increase awareness and drive engagement to you event, such as blasting your ad and boosting your post. Use all these tools to your advantage.

Remarket your prospective clients

Looking at your site’s statistics, you will be able to find out who has visited your website. Target these clients during your next ad campaign wave. The fact that they have visited your site means they’re interested, so they’ll probably need just a little more push to confirm their attendance to your event.

Use the power of visuals and sounds to attract attention

Image source: toasttab.com

Your video must be relevant to your event (of course!) and must have all the important details, including the benefits. Have something unique your attendees can look forward to, as well, like air dancing, maybe (find out more here). Then make sure to include photos of sky dancers in your video. Be as dramatic or creative as you can be.

Employing professional photography or crafting compelling event promotion videos is a strategic approach to captivate the attention of your prospective audience. Professional photography ensures high-quality, visually appealing images that can effectively showcase the essence and highlights of your event. These images can be used across various marketing channels, including social media, websites, and promotional materials, to create a strong and consistent visual identity.

On the other hand, event promotion videos add a dynamic and engaging element to your marketing strategy. These videos have the potential to convey the atmosphere, excitement, and key aspects of your event in a way that static images cannot. Whether it’s through capturing behind-the-scenes moments, showcasing testimonials, or providing a sneak peek into what attendees can expect, event promotion videos can create a sense of anticipation and interest among your target audience.

Make your site or page user-friendly

If you want more people to attend your event, you will have to make your site or page simple and user-friendly enough for users to share it across social media platforms. Keep it ad-free. Having too many ads on your site may annoy your prospects, so keep your site ad-free. Instead, have a link that will redirect guests to your site without a hassle, and will be easy to share and post to advertising platforms. Also, improve your prospects’ experience by making it easy for them to purchase the tickets to your event or enabling them to pay for or checkout right there at your site, and make available several payment options for your prospects to choose from.

Assign only one hashtag for your event

Image source: techcrunch.com

Hashtags are so widely used! But you can’t imagine how many people are using them the wrong way or for the wrong reasons! Hashtags, when used properly, can practically put your business (your event, in this case) on the map. So think carefully of just one hashtag to use for your specific event and make sure this appears on your profile page as well as on every post, image (digital or otherwise), video, or any document you publish.

Podcast your event

Millions of people are listening to podcasts every month.  Make your own podcast and use this strategy to draw more people to your event.

Get the word to spread fast

Sometimes, it takes just one social influencer to have news about your event spread around quickly. Tap someone you know has the gift of gab, someone whose every word everyone listens to, to talk about your event.

Surviving in this business requires not just creativity, but guts. You’ll have to be fearless, even if it means going the extra mile. So if you want people to trust you, give them the impression that you are on top of your game.