Everything you Want to Know about the Different Cancun parks

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Whether you have gone on vacation recently or it’s been a while since your last break, when you imagine your next tourism stop we can guess it’s you lying on the sand, taking a sunbath with a refreshing drink on your hand, while watching the wonderful sea. Now, where can you find all of that? Yes, the answer is Mayan Riviera in Mexico. And we’re glad to tell you that, besides all that, you will be able to visit Cancun parks and have a wonderful time. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, keep reading this article and click here and find a little bit more information.

If you have the chance and enough days we recommend that you spend a few having fun on the beach without doing nothing else. After you’ve done that, the best thing for the next days of your vacation is definitely visiting at least one of the Cancun parks you will find in this zone. We will tell you a little bit more about the three bigger Cancun parks, so you can start imagining yourself there. By the end of this article, you’ll be planning your next break in Cancun.

XCaret, Xel-Há, Xplor… Where to Start

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Mayan Riviera is a wonderful place to enjoy the beach, the sun, and good food. If you never had the opportunity to visit it, you can’t miss the chance to do it, since it’s worth it in every possible way. As we said before, you’ll have the opportunity to visit Cancun parks, which are a wonderful option for people of all ages. This is the reason why this place is great for taking a break on your own, with your family or with a group of friends. The variety of activities is actually huge and they are thought so everybody has things to do that suit their personalities and interests.

There are a lot of parks, but the main three ones are XCaret, Xplor, and Xel-Há. XCaret is the biggest and the one that has more variety of activities to offer. If you’re planning on going on vacation with children, this is the park for you since it has entertainment for everybody.

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In this place, you will be able to meet the bottom of the sea with the Sea Trek helmet. You will be able to walk and breath under the sea, just as you do on the ground. Sounds so amazing that you can’t even wait to go and search for a Sea Trek video, right? Of course, this isn’t the only activity to do here since you can enjoy Mexican food in its restaurants, and take the experience of swimming along the underground rivers.

On the other hand, there’s Xel-Há, where you will find lots of aquatic adventures. You can do snorkel and watch colorful fishes swimming beside you, or you can enjoy the ride through a waterslide near the Scenic Lighthouse. In addition, there are rope games and zip lines that finish on refreshing waters. Let’s not forget about XPlor! It is perfect for people who enjoy constant adrenaline. In XPlor you will ride on the highest zip lines in the Mayan Riviera, where you will slide through treetops while being able to see a wonderful panoramic view. You will also have the chance to ride on amphibious vehicles, thought to get into the jungle!

Which Facilities and Services will I find?

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Everything has been thought so you can have a wonderful time with no worries. You don’t have to carry your own snorkeling equipment since you can rent it. The same thing happens with towels and lockers. If you will visit these parks with someone who needs special attention, you can go to Visitor Services once you arrive, so workers can help you plan everything so the day is enjoyable for all of you.

If you didn’t remember to bring cash, no worries! There are ATMs in the main plaza. There is also free Wi-Fi, stores for you to buy something nice for your loved ones, showers and restrooms all around the parks. Are you already planning your next break in Cancun? Time to have fun!