The 8 Best Examples of Animated Adverts

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The success of any business is determined not only by the quality of the products or services provided, but also by the ability to present them well. In order to increase the number of engaged customers, companies take advantage of advertisements. However, creating a commercial that will cut through the noise of millions videos in the competitive world, is challenging. It is the area, where animation is useful.

Animated adverts enable brands to embody all their ideas breaking through limitations that may occur in live-action commercials. Such contents are very effective because they are more eye catching and make a memorable impression to the audience. If you strive to create an outstanding animated advert that will impress everyone, then the best place to achieve your goal is here. Below there are the 8 best animated adverts that may inspire you in your endeavors.

  • The distant mountain远山-MEIZU16

Nowadays, almost everyone in the world uses smartphones today. You probably hold it in your hand right now. Since the supply of such goods on the market is immeasurable, it is extremely difficult for companies to stand out. However, Meizu came up with an idea of creating a breathtaking advertisement which explicitly describes the technology’s power and soul.

The 40-second animated clip starts with a lonely journey of a little ball-like robot across bleak snowy deserts and boundless waters until it ran into an iceberg from which a smartphone emerged. After their merger, the landscape became colorful and full of freedom. Along with perfectly matched music, which from unimposing sounds becomes epic, this animated advert awakens emotions of freshness and inspires you to take actions.

During this short video, we are able to read the company’s inspirational message – “even though this world is no lack of emotionless, tough, imperfect, yet that never stops us from pursuing warmth, peace and perfection”. No wonder this smartphone model was sold out within seconds in its first sale in China.

  • SAP – Innovations

Despite the fact that SAP is a well-known German international corporation that produces softwares, the company spent a lot of efforts launching their New Ventures and Technologies initiative. Fortunately, SAP’s efforts were not in vain, and the result was more than satisfying.

This short video accurately explained about the company’s working concepts and their desire for growth. The narrator’s words are confirmed by elements of the clip, which was made in space style. Moreover, you may also notice that the video was dominated by blue, which is the color of the SAP’s logo. Although this kind of storyline isn’t something new or unique, yet every tiniest detail makes us remember the company and feel trust towards their words and goals.

  • McVitie’s “Sweeter Together” Crane

In the digital age we have already encountered neglecting the importance of connections. Moreover, the pandemic has also worsened the issue. UK’s top 1 sweet biscuit brand reminds in its campaign how small gestures can make others happy.

McVitie’s 60-seconds long 3D animated advert ‘Sweeter Together’ is about a crane operator’s persistent, yet futile, attempts to keep in touch with his coworkers, who work on the ground. However, he is not noticed until evening when he receives some McVitie’s biscuits and a cup of hot tea. Being touched and happy he waves his hand to his colleagues.

The success of the advertisement is also due to the nostalgic track, which perfectly resonates with the audience’s emotions. Thus, the more an advert relates to people’s lives, the more positive impact it has on them.

  • Nike – Custom Ebernon

Although Nike is the most popular brand in the world of sneakers, they invest a lot of resources in advertising their products. They do have both live-action and animated commercials. However, animation was used to advertise their new custom designs for Nike Ebernon. It was the right decision.

Basthead Animation & Design Studio, who was in charge of the video, modeled the sneaker and then gave motion to the chosen design by cel animation. It takes less than 30 seconds, but the audience fully understands the concept of the project.

  • Android – Be together. Not the same

Bullying is a social problem affecting everybody all over the world. However, the cure is yet to be found. Many companies, celebrities, influencers and others do their best to draw attention to this issue. Android’s campaign “Be together. Not the same” presented during the Academy Awards in 2016 became a huge hit. In just one minute the powerful message that totally different individuals may be best friends and be unbeatable together.

The plot opens with a new Paper student coming to school, who feels nervous because there are only scissors around. He sighs with relief when the Paper finds a group of the same kind. Unfortunately, they bully the Paper, until his savior a Scissor comes. After the accident, both of them became good friends. Walking home together, they encounter another unpleasant situation, but this time rocks are bullying a little Rock. Feeling dejaVu, the Paper intervenes and bravely saves the Rock. Then, three best friends happily walk off into the sunset.

Despite the fact that the animation doesn’t advertise any products, it tells the brand’s social position, and consequently engage and inspire viewers.

  • Slack – Work Simplified

Communication platforms are needed not only for messaging with friends. They are also useful in practically any business to enhance interactions between employees and with customers, teamwork, controlling information flows etc. Slack is one of platforms specially created for business. In order to advertise, they have released a bunch of great commercials. Almost the best one is “Work, Simplified” ad.

Although the animated commercial doesn’t have any voice-over or on-screen text, you can still easily understand its message – “Work is simplified with Slack”. The use of a continuous take and background noises marvelously simulate the busyness of a workday. Moreover, only logo’s colors are in the video to make sure it sticks in your memory. You may consider it as an inspirational example of an all-around good animation advertisement.

  • Nespresso on Ice

In 2017 the coffee machine manufacturer worked with Finish designer Pietari Posti to create a stylish animated commercial to promote the limited edition Nespresso iced coffee blends.

In just 30 seconds you are immersed in a luxury journey around the Mediterranean with a glass of ice coffee, perfect for any event. From relaxing in a cliff-side infinity pool, to enjoying the view of a peaceful bay, to resting on the deck of a yacht.

The advert maintains the vacation ambience by a well matched soundtrack and nature melodies of birds chirping, leaves rustling, waves lapping and the key sounds of ice clinking and drinks pouring. The clip has a modern and elegant aesthetic, which enticingly says “You’re just a sip away”.

  • Heinz Beanz. A Can Size for Every Aussie!

When Heinz Beanz were launching four new can sizes they integrated a heartwarming campaign led by a 3D animated short movie about the life path of a boy named Geoff.

The love of the main character of the story for beans makes him dedicate his life to creating personalized beans cans for everyone. His passion helps Geoff to become the Head of Innovation at Heinz, where he meets the love of his life and then is blessed with adorable twins. Every new event in Geoff’s life prompted him to create a new can of beans suitable for any occasion.

Classical music and the comforting voice of the narrator effortlessly grabs the audience’s attention. The story takes heart, since it describes Geoff’s thorny path, his successes and failures, his goals and dreams, his love. It also reminds us to value and cherish our family.

Summing up

We can confidently claim that animation is a boundless universe open to your ideas and dreams. The only limit is the range of your imagination.

However, to steal your audience’s hearts you should thoroughly make the blueprint of creating a compelling plot, thoughtful design, matched soundtracks etc. The right combination of all these details is the key to the best animated advert.