The 2024 Experience in Online Gaming

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When you think about it, the future of gaming looks incredibly bright and each day, it is evolving even more. From The Lynx – which was the world’s first handheld electronic game – to the viral success of modern open-world online games, the gaming industry is, in a way, constantly reinventing itself. From E-sports to Cloud Gaming and Big Data… these are the main trends you should be aware of.

A lot of analysts agree that the gaming market will rise to 90 billion dollars during 2024 – which is quite amazing. Since bigger and smaller gaming providers already started experimenting with innovative technologies such as VR and Blockchain, we can expect that there is something amazing waiting for us all in the near future.

If you are excited about this new decade, there are some trends that you should be aware of. And, if this is what you were looking for, this article might be helpful. The text below will feature some of the key trends that you should be aware of in 2024. Let’s take a closer look:

  1. Say “Goodbye” to Single-Player Games

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The days where we were buying discs and played them alone are forever over. Over the last years, gamers prefer to play with real people instead of virtual, in-game characters. This occurred when the big battle between PUBG and Fornite started and are constantly trying to keep up with the GaaS (Game as a Service) trend. The latest data shows that GaaS represents nearly 40 percent of the total revenue for 2019.

  1. Cross-Platform Gaming

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As more gaming developers and marketers try to expand the market across several, different platforms one thing is perfectly clear – the most effective way to expand their potential audience is to make games that can be played on a wide range of devices and platforms. This means gamers might focus less on the devices they own and use, and more on the games they are playing.

If you enjoy playing video games with your friends, it is no longer important if they own the same platform as you do, such as the Xbox or PlayStation – this means that you can now connect with each other over the Internet and enjoy playing the same game together on a different device.

  1. Immersive Online Casino Games

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Developers implemented various updates, which in return, changed how people interact with online casino games. Instead of playing the same slot game over and over again, developers are now striving to make online gambling even more immersive by using specific tech such as augmented reality.

Think about how this can transform and completely change regular slot games to action-packed experiences. Wouldn’t it be cool if you can find yourself on the exploding field with colorful lively characters from theReactoonz slot? If you want to find out more about this amazing game, take a look at for more information.

  1. Big Data Does Influence Games

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You might not know this, but, more than two billion people all over the world play online games regularly, which means that they create a great amount of data that changes the trends in the gaming industry. This is why developers are becoming more reliant on data from the people playing their games – especially since this allows them to determine what next-generation games they should make.

Popular and well-known gaming studios such as Respawn track their gamers’ journey and they extract data that allows them to gain insight and a better understanding of what elements are more or less popular, as well as what features players choose and prefer most. Hence, this is why big data is slowly, but surely becoming the most important part of game development in 2024.

  1. The Rise of Indie Themed Games

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If you played online games before, you should know that some of the most exciting and interesting ones come from developers that are not a part of a major development studio. Just think about Hotline Miami and Minecraft – which are the most popular game titles on both PC and mobile markets.

Indie developers make up more than 70 percent of games published on the App Store and the Google Play Store. That is what represents proof of how important their roles are in the gaming market. And, although they do not command revenue like the games owned by the major development studios – such as Bethesda – they do keep a healthy competition level.

  1. First Person Point-And-Click Games Are on The Rise

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You have probably heard about this genre before, however, it is worth mentioning. A lot of gamers consider first-person point-and-click games to be one of the most exciting things ever created. And, that is completely normal, especially since these games can take you on a journey through time and space. Games like “What Remains of Edith Finch” will offer you an experience that can easily be otherworldly and you will definitely want to play this game more than once since it has various details that you might have missed the first time.

Another interesting thing about them is that they are in the first person, meaning that you will feel like you are truly there, clicking and solving the mysteries of the past. If you love puzzle games, make sure that you check out some of the amazing first-person point-and-click adventures!


Gaming is not being left behind in the major tech markets. Platforms are constantly being improved and developed, and the new ones are created by using cutting-edge technology released every day. Hence, this means that it does not matter whether you are a game developer or a CEO of a game development studio – if you want to succeed in the gaming industry, it is extremely crucial to keep up with the new trends and the wishes of consumers.

So, now that you know what trends you should follow during 2024, do not waste any more time, and start browsing through thousands of games to find the ones that will be quite popular during this year.