Explore Wonderful Vietnam In 2024

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Finding a new destination for your vacation can be quite a difficult task, especially if you are already bored with the same old experience and adventure. You are looking for something that will leave you amazed, something that you will never forget. That’s what every single one of us wants, right? So, where should you go, London, Paris, Barcelona? While all of these cities are beautiful and unique on their own, we recommend that you consider visiting Vietnam.

This country has such a unique history, culture and nature it simply cannot be compared to anything else on this planet. It is definitely the place that will fulfill all of your adventure and cultural exploration needs.

You might be thinking that this country is not so tourist-friendly, but that is incorrect. These last couple of years or maybe even decades, Vietnam has become a very popular travel destination for both people that enjoy adventures and those who just want to relax on a beach and sip cocktails.

If you are still unconvinced about whether you should travel to Vietnam, here is a list of reasons why you should definitely consider it as a viable vacation destination.

Naturally beautiful

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One of the biggest reasons why you should travel to this place is because it is filled with all kinds of amazing natural landscapes. Whether you want to see beautiful mountains or you want to hike through lush and dense forests or sail on a boat through one of its many rivers, you can do almost anything you want. It is also filled with some of the deepest and bigger natural caves in the world.

If you decide to go north then you can visit Hanoi and its many lakes and the huge limestone formations in Ha Long Bay. If you start going south you will be able to see the White Sand Dune that is near Mui Ne. It feels so weird to go from one of the lushest places in Southeast Asia to an empty desert with sand dunes.

Rich history and culture

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What makes Vietnam so amazing is its rich history that dates more than four thousand years ago. It has a bloody and complicated history filled with wars, occupation, and cooperation which is why its culture is mixed with so many other nations.

It’s so amazing to walk down the streets of Hanoi and notice original Chinese architecture on one side and then walking a few meters and then notice the obvious European architecture or specifically French architecture. You can also notice many cultural similarities with India too and many other nations.

However, even though they have been almost one thousand years under the occupation of China, the Vietnamese people have managed to save their true culture which is still well and alive to this day. If you walk down the streets of Vietnam’s cities you will notice various food stalls that offer Bia hơi which is a traditional Vietnamese beer that dates many centuries ago.

Easily acquirable visa

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Many times when you decide that you are going to travel to a certain country, you get disappointed by the fact that you cannot acquire a legitimate visa. You have to spend hours and hours gathering the needed documents, providing the officials that supply visas with the information they require, paying several expensive fees and then waiting for days and weeks just to get a response. The worst thing about waiting for a visa is that you can still be denied from it even after you have gone through some much hassle.

Fortunately for you, obtaining a visa for Vietnam is very easy. Just go to any of the online sites where you can apply for an e-visa, input all the necessary information from your passport, pay the small fee and then wait for their e-mail response. Click here if you want to visit such a website.

The Cuisine

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You probably have eaten Vietnamese food even though you have never been to the country, right? Their cuisine is so popular that you can probably find more than just a couple of Vietnamese restaurants in most countries around the world. This shows just how tasty and famous it is.

However, you simply cannot imitate what they can create because the true recipes get lost in the transition from Vietnam to the United Kingdom, United States or whichever country it is. So, why not go to the true sources and try the original food yourself?

Just by walking down the streets of Hanoi you will constantly be welcomed by smells that will convince you to buy something to eat. The people working on these food stands can create amazing meals in just a few minutes by adding only a few ingredients.

Just one bowl of noodles will taste better than any pasta you have eaten at an expensive restaurant. Not only is it super tasty, but it will cost you just a couple of dollars which is a great price considering the amount of food and its taste.


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Contrary to other countries in the South-Eastern part of Asia, Vietnam is quite affordable. You will not have to spend time worrying about which room you should get since getting a room even in a 5-star hotel will be much cheaper than getting a 3-star hotel room in other countries.

Going out for a few beers with your friends and a couple of meals can cost just around $10 a person. If you plan on to continue drinking in a bar or in a disco until the morning, you will probably do well with just $20 or $30.

Everything else is also affordable too. So, whether its meals, rooms, adventures or other activities or transportation, you will end up spending just a fraction of your budget leaving you with enough money to stay longer or maybe even visit another country.

Friendly people

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This is one of our favorite things about Vietnam. The people are very hospitable when it comes to tourist and they are very friendly. They will always offer you help with a smile on their face, so there really is no reason why you shouldn’t consider this place as your next vacation.