Should We Be Using Face Recognition In All Casinos – 2024 Guide

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Many casinos around the world have begun to use Artificial Intelligence and Facial Recognition software to help identify problem gamblers and instances of criminal behavior, as according to the site

Visitors to a casino have their faces scanned as soon as they enter the premises, and their image is then automatically compared, via a special algorithm, to a database of known criminals, and those on a banned list or who have chosen to be self-excluded.

The same technology is also being used to measure how long individuals remain in a casino, and to monitor their betting patterns. It is then used to tailor loyalty programs and bonuses tailored specially to their needs.

Proponents of such systems argue that there are sound reasons why their use should be extended. For example, it is a far more effective way of identifying undesirable elements that relying on traditional, human checks. And it provides an added layer of protection against dishonest staff.

Benefits of Facial recognition for Casinos

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From the viewpoint of the casino operator, facial recognition technology can help them cut costs, reducing the number of security staff that are required at entry and exit points, and also on the floor of the casino itself. However, we are quite sure that you would like to hear more. It is not a secret that facial recognition technology is new in the gambling world. Despite customers, business owners are not quite sure why and how they should use it. If you are one of them, we are sure that list of the benefits we prepared will change your way of thinking.

It Can Recognize Most Loyal Players

As you know, your casino will welcome different profiles of people. Some of them came there to have fun and spend a small amount of money. On the other hand, some people visit casinos because they want to earn money. We do not want to say they will always manage to achieve their goal. However, their active presence at the casino deserves a reward and it is something you should ensure.

The reward can come in different forms, but you must ensure good quality customer service for VIP customers. Yet, that doesn’t mean that only the most loyal ones deserve your attention. All people that enjoy the games and spend their money should be equally important to you. Because of that, you should understand that facial recognition technology can improve your overall customer service. When people feel nice, they will surely want to spend more time in your casino. In other words, they will, sooner or later, become your most loyal fans.

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Recognizing Unwanted Guests

As we said, different profiles of people will come to your casino every day. Unfortunately, not all of them will show respect because of your good customer service. It is not a secret that some players like to drink alcohol while playing. Logically, you can’t tell them not to do that and they can consume it as much as they want until they don’t disturb other players.

Gambling is an activity that requires concentration. That is the reason why people are expecting silence. Facial recognition technology can help you find out when unwanted guests come to your casino. In that way, you can predict if something bad is going to happen in the future.

Predicting Crimes

We will continue in the same manner. Predicting certain problems and issues is always going to split you from the masses. It will directly influence the effectiveness of your business. As you know, facial recognition will show you analytics and statistics about all the games gamblers played. In that case, you can find out the period of the day when unwanted guests usually come. More precisely, you will manage to predict when the potential crime might happen. The technology will send alert and you will have the opportunity to notify the security about the issue that is happening.

Concerns that Facial Recognition Can Bring

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Facial technology is good because of many reasons. We highlighted only the most important ones that casino operators and owners should know. However, there are major privacy concerns about making such technology more widespread. Due to the proliferation of CCTV and other surveillance techniques, many citizens already fear that their privacy is being infringed by the creep of “Big Brother”. Are they prepared to accept a further incursion into their lives whilst pursuing what is meant to be a leisure activity?

And then there are fears over data protection and the safeguarding of information. It is not difficult to imagine that a data leak could lead to individuals being compromised in various ways – for example, if a company were to inadvertently find out, via a data leak, that one of their employees was a heavy gambler.

Some systems also have an inherent bias with regard to race and gender, which in an era of #MeToo, and #BlackLivesMatter, is an incredibly sensitive area. If a system were to be found to be unfairly discriminating against one group or other, the backlash would be considerable, and lawsuits might follow.

Above all, though, it is a matter of consent. Casinos need to be clear to their customers about the fact that they are using facial recognition technology, and how and why it is being employed. This should be displayed on their website, and also at the entrance to their premises.

Then patrons have a choice. Some might not care anyway that their images are being captured, whilst others will prefer to go elsewhere.

What should not be allowed to happen is for such systems to be used indiscriminately throughout the industry without the public being made aware of it. That is not only unethical, but it makes poor business sense as well.

Casinos prosper if they create a bond of trust with their most loyal customers. Anything that undermines that trust is bad for the bottom-line.

When Should You Start Using Facial Recognition?

It is hard to determine the right moment when you should start using the technology. Many factors influence the decision and you should put them all into consideration. As we said, you need to be sure that your customers will accept to come to a casino that uses technology like that. You need to explain to them that you are not going to use it in a bad way. Tell them that their identity will remain safe and that you will not do anything that can harm their security.

As we said, it is good to notify people that you are using facial recognition on the website of your casino. However, before you do that, you should ask for feedback from the most loyal customers. You can use social media to get some clear answers. Ask them, before you even apply the technology to your business, what they think about that innovation. If you see that most of your clients are against it, you should find a way to explain to them which benefits they can get from it. Tell them that the security of the casino is not the only reason why you are doing that. The technology will also protect them and ensure they do not become victims of a crime.