FIRA’s Debut Album Set To Release on Black Friday November 27th, 2024


FIRA, the vampire-inspired musical duo, just announced the release date of their debut album “From Vegas With Blood,” which will be Black Friday, November 27th. There will be a new single released every Friday, starting tomorrow, leading up to the album Debut. The Album features a fantasy adventure storyline that is centered around the characters Fira and Vette, played by the musical duo behind FIRA, Hannah Fira (vocalist) and Michael “Vette” Rodd (guitarist). The vision for the album was inspired by various events throughout their lives, which were then turned into metaphors for the dramatic ‘vampirate’ fantasy storyline.

In recent news, FIRA premiered their new music video “Endless Night” at the Endless Night Virtual Vampire Ball. The song was inspired lyrically and musically by the Endless Night events. This year’s Vampire Ball theme was “Full Moon Masquerade,” which was hosted by Fred Samedi, the guardian spirit of the Endless Night events, as the Master of Ceremonies. The Halloween Night celebration was the perfect time to debut FIRA’s new music video!

The music video can be found here: FIRA is offering a free download of the “Endless Night” single on their website:

Upcoming Single Releases from “From Vegas With Blood” Leading up to Full Album Release on Black Friday:

Subdued – Friday, November 6th

This song is the opening of the ‘vampirate’ adventure and follows the characters, Fira and Vette, as they battle a traitor aboard their ship. The traitor was sent by the demon king, Fear, who seeks to conquer their realm. By the end of this song, their crew is murdered, and the ship is sinking. Fira is then forced into a bargain with Fear for her life.

Vegas In Space – Friday, November 13th

In the next part of the story, the heroic duo ventures to the Kingdom of Fear, within the center of the Moon, to challenge the demon king to a duel for Fira’s freedom. They make a stop at a notorious satellite called “Vegas in Space” on the way to the Moon to await the coming of the Blood Moon and the opening of the gate to the realm of the demon king.

Labyrinth – Friday, November 20th

In “Labyrinth,” Fira meets a handsome and mysterious prince in Fear’s dungeon, where she is sent to languish in her defeat. The prince gives her his own life blood in order to heal her from the perilous wounds of the duel. As they dance together he is tempted, and drinks her blood as well, which causes the curse he is under to react and break the magic of the dance sending them both into darkness. Fira then wakes up alone in the dungeon and sets out into the enchanted labyrinth that is Fear’s dungeon to face the demons and trials that lay in wait for her!


FIRA is a popular vampire-inspired musical duo who’ve created an original blend of metal and dance music around a fantasy storyline. The band is made up of the talented frontwoman Hannah Fira and exceptional guitarist Michael “Vette” Rodd.  Their debut album, “From Vegas With Blood,” is set to release by the end of 2024, and includes songs such as “Endless Night,” “Vegas in Space,” and “Labyrinth.” The album is written with a plot that follows the characters “Fira” and “Vette” as they set off on an adventure to save their realm.

FIRA is quickly becoming a fan favorite in the goth music scene. Established in 2017, this duo solidified their place in the scene after headlining the prominent goth music venue “Bar Sinister” in Los Angeles. They’ve shared the stage with legendary goth rock band Orgy at the Los Angeles Endless Night Vampire Ball and their song “Endless Night” has also been featured as the opening theme song for the Endless Night Radio Show ( on DashTalkX radio.

Over the years, they’ve played shows throughout the pacific southwest and built a consistent following in Las Vegas and Hollywood. FIRA has expanded their reach across the United States by performing at the New Orleans House of Blues in 2019, and across the world with an international tour in Italy.  The band is continually growing their massive following in the gothic and alternative communities. It can truly be said that FIRA is “made of music and fire!”