6 Awesome Fitness Gadgets to Get In Shape in 2024

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The fitness technology industry is booming with new types of wearable technology coming onto the market regularly and consumer sales going through the roof. In 2019, there were worldwide sales of more than $220 billion. FitBit alone, had annual sales that broke the $2 billion barrier. More and more companies are entering the wearable technology fitness market, which has become more and more competitive.

All of this makes it a great time to be a fitness buff. Your fitness gadget choices are greater than ever. Competition is driving prices down and quality up. For many people, however, the sheer volume of fitness gadgets on offer can be overwhelming.

In this article, you’ll discover the best and latest in fitness gadgetry.

BMI  Scales

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Scales have come a long way over the years. The high tech version is now available at an affordable price point for in home use. It allows you to go beyond a basic measure of your weight to give you the break-downs that matter. It will tell you how much lean muscle tissue as opposed to adipose tissue (fat) you are carrying, along with calculating your body fat percentage. You need to input your height, age and activity level. It will then use sensors that are on the scale to read the density of muscle and fat in your body.

BMI Scales link to apps on your phone and tablet to allow you to get a full and detailed analysis of up to 17 different body composition measurements. Most of them will also allow up to 8 users to store their data on the app. These scales are a great tool to allow you to know exactly what is going on with your body composition. This allows you to more accurately assess whether or not your diet and exercise program is producing the results that you want.

Chest Heart Rate Sensor

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Most fitness wrist based wearables will have an inbuilt heart rate sensor function. It will take your heart rate every minute, or maybe every five minutes. That will give you an interesting overview of your heart rate over the course of the entire day. When you’re working out, however, you need a continuous heart rate monitor. The best ones will sample your heart rate several times every second. To get that sort of coverage you need a chest based heart rate sensor.

The most popular chest heart rate monitor available right now is the Polar H10. This device works a lot like an EKG. It will sense the electrical activity of the heart through sensors in the chest strap. To get a really accurate reading the sensors require a little bit of moisture. The module on the front of the device snaps into the strap. This means that the strap can easily be replaced if it gets damaged.

Isometric Home Fitness Equipment

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Portable home fitness equipment has come a long way in recent years. One of the coolest and most effective gadgets on the market right now is the Activ5 isometric workout program. This space saving workout equipment is a portable full body workout and strength training device that comes with its own workout app. Learn more on this website about it. It allows anyone at any fitness level to perform  challenging full body fitness workouts. It provides a completely safe, no impact way to exercise. Whether you are interested in casual fitness, sports performance, physical therapy or corporate fitness this device can get you there.

The free Activ5 training app will guide you through 100 unique workout programs. Isometric muscle contractions are held for a sustained period of time and applied along gamified tracking sessions. This device is ideal for kids and seniors.

Topical Sweat Gel

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The use of topical gels to help boost fat burn through increased sweating have become very popular recently. One of the top sellers in this market niche is Sports Research Sweet Sweat Gel. It contains pomegranate seed oil and coconut oil. As well as the claimed fat loss benefits, this gel also improves your skin health. The company behind it, Sports Research, has been around for more than a hundred years and the product, which comes in a range of applications, is relatively low cost.

Coaching Headphones

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If you really want to get serious about your training, forget about music headphones. Now you can get high tech headphones that actually act as your personal training coach. Leading this market niche are KUAI Fitness Headphones.

The KUAI Coaching headphones are the world’s first biometric feedback sports ear plug-in that also acts as your training coach. It features biometric sensors that track your heart rate, VO2 max and calorie burn. It also features an accelerometer to monitor your speed, pace, cadence and distance. But that’s just the start of what these amazing headphones will do. You’ll also get live feedback of your training performance. It will give you voice alerts and training plans.

Boxing Reflex Ball

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Boxing training has long been acknowledged as an excellent form of exercise for weight loss, functional fitness, cardio fitness and agility. Traditionally, though, it has required investing in a heavy boxing bag or a speed ball, both of which are quite cumbersome to set up. However, a pretty nifty recent entry to the fitness market has changed all of that. It is called the TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball.

The TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball is a headband ball on a string that provides you with the ideal solo training device. With it, you are able to train for speed and coordination with the need for someone else to be holding hand mitts. You don’t have to be a pro boxer to benefit from this device. It is easy to learn how to use it for speed, coordination and overall cardiovascular fitness.

All you have to do is to strap on the headband and start working out. The TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball is much lighter than a tennis ball, which is used by other manufacturers. This makes it much safer and easier to use for novices. That means that you will not worry about hitting yourself in the face, eyes, nose and fist.