How to Flirt With VR Models?


No wonder they say that flirting is an art. When flirting, we do not particularly think but act intuitively. However, disassembling flirting into components, you will see a whole system: everyday psychology, the ability to feel the moment, empathy, the ability to read the emotions of the interlocutor, charisma, and body language. The right approach gives amazing results: it turns out to win over the interlocutor, make the best impression, and get what you want from communication, whether it be positive emotions or any benefit.

Someone is lucky to be able to flirt on a whim; for others, it sometimes seems like a complex, incomprehensible science. Still, others are sure that they know how to flirt with a woman correctly but make gross mistakes, so they don’t get what they want. Flirting with a girl you like raises your self-esteem and mood and sometimes leads to something more. If you are shy in front of the object of sympathy, you find yourself unable to utter a word—it does not matter. If flirting with girls is hard for you in real life, you can hone your skills by chatting with VR models at

Common Mistakes


First, the most important thing is what exactly should not be done while communicating with VR models. A girl can remember some excellent phrases and tricks, but you will cross out your efforts with a couple of unsuccessful actions:

  • Self-admiration, too much worry about appearance. Of course, every girl wants to see a handsome man in front of her, but constantly fixing her hair and clothes instead of casual communication is a bad idea.
  • Dead expression. You can’t flirt with a stone face. Do not be afraid to smile, wink, or play with your eyebrows. Do you think your smile is not perfect enough? Be calm: models are more significant than emotional feedback.
  • Heavy themes, black humor. Not everyone likes dark jokes, it can hook someone, offend, make them remember traumatic events, and just seems stupid. Perhaps some small talk, humor a la Addams Family is appropriate for a themed Halloween stream, nothing more.
  • Vulgarity for the sake of vulgarity. Want to spice up your stream? Don’t overdo it. Open but ill-fitting clothes pose worthy of adult films, and the absence of other topics attracts attention but quickly become boring.
  • Pranks. It is wrong to point out the mistakes of the interlocutors, to try to seem smarter than others, and laugh at chat messages. Such a guest will seem to the VR model not smart and ironic but rude. If you want to joke, the statements should be as kind and harmless as possible.

Even one such mistake can spoil all communication, but remembering them and not repeating them is very easy.

How to Flirt with a VR Model: Universal Tips


The most important thing is to arouse genuine interest. Interest is caused by emotional, charming men. Let’s start with the most obvious, but not the simplest—confidence. This is the main condition for successful flirting because, without confidence, all subsequent tips will not work. You must learn to accept your flaws and highlight your strengths—only in this way will you develop the ability to turn awkward situations into funny jokes, getting away with it and attracting the attention of girls. How to achieve this:

  • Interact with the girl. Reply aloud to messages, greet the model, and smile. This creates a positive feeling: a person is welcome, and they are ready to communicate with him. React to the words of the VR model. When we talk about live facial expressions, we mean not only a wide smile: sometimes, you can answer without a grimace. It’s always captivating.
  • Show sympathy and interest openly. Flirting is about mutual attraction. Do not be afraid to touch on spicy topics when the mood is right in the chat. Tell a story about your first date or kiss, ask a girl to choose an outfit for the next stream, and show that you want to be in the circle of interest of a VR model.
  • Ask questions. From the usual “where are you from?” to stories from youth, tastes, and preferences. It is worth avoiding topics such as health, religion, politics, money, and personal data.

Three Important Tips


When flirting with a VR model, remember these important rules:

  • Give out-of-the-ordinary compliments. “You can drown in your eyes” or “You have a cool figure” will certainly be pleasant for any girl, but you can make non-banal and memorable compliments. Compliment her taste and ask her more about her preferences. Another good option is to praise a person for his actions. To do this, you need to be attentive and notice in time small details in his behavior that make you tender or proud.
  • Have in stock a few interesting stories that can make the girl laugh.
  • If you remain silent most of the time or tell only the most basic information about yourself (where you studied, what you work with, and how you spend your evenings), the girl simply will not have a chance to find out what kind, smart and honest person you are with a good sense of humor. So save some fascinating stories for her. They can be funny or even hilarious—the main thing is that the girl’s reaction is positive.
  • Don’t be intrusive. If you make every effort to please a girl, the result is likely to be the opposite. Be open, but not intrusive, and watch her facial expressions and actions. If a girl constantly checks the time, looks around, doesn’t talk much, and shows other signs of boredom, it’s best to leave her alone.

Politeness and friendliness are universal cultural codes that apply to everyone. The main thing is to relax. Flirting will only work if you are calm and confident. The easiest answer to the question “how to flirt with a VR model” is to throw embarrassment to hell. Get started, and the first results will not keep you waiting: you will receive attention not only by communicating with models online but also in real life.