The Best Flowers for Your Living Room – 2024 Guide

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Flowers are wonderful choices for decorating a living room as the floral elements bring a little bit of life to everything around you. You can completely break the monotony of a room, where you usually keep your guests, through floral decorations. The most important fact about floral decorations is that the options are unlimited.

You can choose an array of flowers of many different colors, shapes and sizes that will best suit a living room. There are even more options of flowers that emanate breathtaking scent to fill the senses to its brim. Just in case you are decorating your home for your partner, click here for instant flower delivery for valentine’s day. You living could be gleaming with roses and love will definitely be in the air.

Aside from that, if you want to decorate your living room generally for friends and family, the best options are however, choosing shades of colors that will best suit our interior design elements of the living room. Moreover, having floral decorations will offer a scenery and a blissful aroma when you get home.

Keeping all that in mind, let’s look at a few amazing floral decorations intended for the living room. This article is based on decorations that will bring your living room to life.

1. Decorating a Coffee Table

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This is the most visible part of your living room. With a little floral decoration such as with roses, lavenders, pink carnations, and Peruvian lilies, it will leave anyone with a delighted sense of sight. But you need to choose the best color combinations to go hand in hand with the colors of your interior, so that the floral decorations bring the biggest impression.

This is usually the area where you host your guests. Therefore, it must look the part. A coffee table is much smaller that a dining room table so a large decoration will make it cumbersome. Therefore, a small bouquet of flowers should do the job.

A little more impression, it’s recommended that you add a little bit of greenery to the bouquet where it is necessary. The best option for this would be to use eucalyptus leaves as this goes really well with any type and shades of flowers.

2. Decorating the Dining Table

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It is recommended that you use a combination of hydrangeas, pink lisianthus, and anemones for the kitchen island or the dining room, with an added greenery that will lift up the entire arrangement. Base the color combinations on interior decorations and this is why the pink lisianthus may not always be the best option. But the suggestion combination should go flawlessly with your living room if the room is of a lighter color, and this works best if the room is in shades of white.

For any other colors that you might have in mind, you may get a blend of flowers that we have already mentioned and it will go nicely with the shades. It’s critical that you decorate a dining room as it will always draw your guest’s attention towards the kitchen

The size of decorations must be big enough so that it does not go unnoticed. The bouquet could be at least two feet in width and at least 1 foot in length. The bouquet will complement the size of your dining table and your kitchen in this way.

3. TV Stand Decoration

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The TV is the most focused on the item when it’s on. Therefore, another way to add to the senses of sight is to decorate its perimeter. The decoration has to be considerably small, otherwise it will completely diminish the point of having the TV in the first place. So, to complement the TV area in a conservative fashion, succulents are the nicest and a compact choice that’ll seamlessly go with the TV area.

They are small, but not that small. A succulent is considered to be a perfect design element that’ll add a bit of a greenery to the TV stand. Succulents are often preferred by households as the number one choice for floral decorations. However, the problem with succulents are they need a lot of sunlight to survive. Air-conditioners will severely aggravate the health of a succulent so consider keeping the air-conditioning to a bare minimum if you don’t want your decorations to go bland quickly. But, if your TV stand is exposed to a moderate amount of sunlight, that’ll be enough to keep a succulent healthy and lively.

However, if your TV stand is not exposed to even a little sunlight, you can move your succulent at a place of better sunlight in certain intervals so that it gets as much sunlight as possible.

4. Windowsill Decoration

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Their main purpose is to house the plant decorations and floral arrangements. In this case, the ficus plant may give your guests the best impression. As we all know, the ficus plant is the most preferred house plant. The other reason why it is so widely preferred is its sheer elegance and beauty. This is a type of plant that can easily blend in with any color, texture or size of a room. The plant is also considered to be aesthetically flexible as it will not appeal to any specific taste.

Final Thoughts

The living room is the most occupied place of your home. This is where guests tend to move about and making the room as aesthetic as possible will truly leave you a lot of appreciation and compliments about how you’ve perfectly incorporated the best flowers and choice of shades.

You may also keep philodendrons, Majesty Palms, the English Ivy as other options for decoration as these are the 2nd best options to decorate a living room compared to the ones mentioned above, just in case the best ones are not available in your area. However, you must ensure that these flowers receive adequate sunlight and place them in areas where they can be exposed to the sun during the day. Therefore, you can prevent the hassle of moving it around.