Fun Facts about Network Merchants Inc and Their NMI Gateway?

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Network Merchants is an online service that enables merchants to accept credit card payments through their eCommerce site. They also offer ways for retail stores and service providers to accept credit card payments from their customers in-person. Network Merchants Inc. is an innovative company that was formed in Roselle, IL.

They are highly rated with good reviews, and many businesses both online and offline use their services. This includes over one hundred thousand companies from startups to well-established corporations in a wide range of industries.

How To Set Up an Account?

It is easy to sign up for an account with Network Merchants, Inc. The NMI Payment Gateway is offered by authorized resellers of their services. Reputable resellers can be found online and the setup process can typically be started on their website. You can check this on

What Are the Costs?

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The cost of NMI’s services may include a setup fee, but most providers will set up the account for free. The ongoing cost includes a monthly fee and per-transaction fees. The monthly fee will vary depending on the level of service and enrollment in optional features. The per-transaction fees are typically nominal and will be charged for each transaction processed on the gateway.

Network Merchant Inc. Account Features

This innovative company has made an excellent platform for merchants to use. Founded by innovative leaders, they are progressive and noteworthy and are receiving recognition around the globe. They understand what their clients are looking for and offer them viable solutions for operating their businesses daily. NMI provides the following to its customers:

  1. Virtual Terminal – Merchants use a web-based portal that can be accessed from a web browser to enter credit card details manually or with a connected credit card reader.
  2. Reporting Capabilities – Detailed reports of the transaction activity processed through the gateway system. Presents information in an organized and searchable format, which may be printed, downloaded, or exported in useful formats.
  3. Recurring Billing – a tool that enables merchants to automate the billing of customers on a regularly occurring basis. Very useful for subscription management.
  4. QuickClick Shopping Cart – Having the use of real-time processing on their website is essential for eCommerce business owners.  Enables merchants to generate website links to products and services without knowing how to program or code anything. The best online shopping cart solution for eCommerce merchants without IT staff or developer expertise.
  5. Third-Party integrations – permits merchants to connect with any number of applications directly with the payment gateway so they may enable features to improve payment automation and business processes
  6. Supports Multiple MIDs – A Merchant ID (abbreviated as MID)  is issued by payment processors as a unique code for identifying merchants and their related transactions. Some businesses require more than one merchant account and therefore have multiple MIDs. Network Merchants gateway allows several MIDs to used within one gateway account.
  7. Batch Processing – allows for the processing of a group of transactions in a single batched file. Once a batch has been submitted, the transactions within the batch are processed together eliminating the need to process each individual transaction one at a time. Saving a great deal of time and effort.
  8. Flexible Integration Methods – SDKs and APIs are used in system integrations across multiple platforms and use cases. Including The Three, Step Redirect API for customized web-based payment processing and Direct Post method as one of the simplest methods of integration, as well as a long list of ready to use shopping cart integrations
  9. Multiple Payment Methods – allow customers to pay through a variety of options, such as credit cards (Mastercard, Visa), as well as alternative payment methods (PayPal, ACH). Supports omnichannel payments for seamless customer experience.

Privacy And Confidentiality

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Dealing with Network Merchants Inc. is an exceptional experience. Clients can be assured that their privacy and confidentiality is always respected. The company operates on the highest levels of security, and information is protected. Clients can be assured that their information will not be shared, sold, or given to any other party. The website is entirely safe for the use of clients, which provides them with the reassurance that they need to do business with Network Merchants Inc.

Customer Support

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Network Merchants Inc offers excellent customer service.  If an account holder has a question that they need to have answered, there are multiple ways to get support.  Professional team members are available to assist the account holder with any problems or issues. The website has extensive documentation for review, email support and chat are also an option.  With attentiveness to their customers, NMI has the ability to assist. Many NMI resellers have years of expertise in solving payment issues and problems. With the ability to answer calls 24/7. They will not experience delays, and processing goes through as planned. It is convenient for them, and they are able to put their attention to other details of their business in this way. The use of an account with this company allows a business to operate clean and straightforward with fast, reliable results. The leading support available for Network Merchants services makes them a popular choice among many merchants.

Network Merchants Inc. is offering a payment gateway solution that meets the needs of companies for both online and retail sales. NMI services are used around the world with great success, Network Merchants Inc. is a company that will move into the future in a grand way by attracting new business every day. Since its arrival, it has continued to prove its benefits to the world at large, and for those that need their services, they are looked at with high regard.