5 Garage Clean-Out Strategies for New Homeowners – 2024 Tips

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All of us know what the entire point of a garage is, right? It is that small structure next to your house with a big gate that allows for a vehicle to enter. It is a convenient way to keep your car out of the street and keep it protected during winter or hot summer days. It is just overall better to keep your vehicle inside instead of outside. Unfortunately, the entire point of a garage is quickly lost when you start to fill it up with all kinds of clutter. This has happened to me, to you, and probably to everyone else.

This usually happens because people do not have a place where they can store their excess items. It also happens when people sentimentally connect with items. Whether it is your old computer, your old desk chair, or whatever else it is, you do not want to throw it, so you put it in the garage and keep it for who knows how many years. I know, it is hard to say goodbye to some stuff, but it is the right thing to do.

Filling up your garage with all kinds of garbage is not a solution. In fact, it even adds to your list of problems. You can’t use your workbench, you can park your car is inside anymore and it’s like this whole open space has lost its meaning.

However, if you have finally decided that it is time to clean it up or if you have just moved into a house that has a cluttered garage, here are some of the best clean-out strategies we can give you.

Start planning

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The first thing you will need to do is to create some kind of a plan. I know it might seem like it is best to just start taking things out and throwing them on the street, but that is not the right way to do things. This is why it is vital to create some kind of plan that will help you be more organized and help your family keep up with your pace.

So, announce to your family members or close friends that you have a plan for a big cleanup project. Once you tell them, I am sure that many of them will be willing to help you with this project to speed things up. Getting some help from other people is definitely one of the best things you could do right now.

Next up, the plan. You will need to decide whether you’re going to take everything out or whether you will selectively throughout the things that you do not need. You should also determine who is going to have the role of carrying the heavier stuff. It is also important to have someone who will drive most of the smaller clutter to a garbage container.

Take everything out

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I think one of the most effective ways of doing this kind of project is to just get everything out. When items are on top of each other, cluttered and obstructing your view, you cannot exactly know what you want to keep and what you want to throughout. It makes things more complicated and it will take up a lot more of your time.

This is why I recommend taking out most of the items outside, although don’t move the carrier things such as the workbench or the tool cupboard because you probably keep those.

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Get rid of all the unnecessary things

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Once every single item is out from the garage, it is time to make this decision about what will stay and want needs to be disposed of. In these moments, it is very important that you remain as open-minded as possible. This means that you should give up on sentimental connections with your stuff. Because maintaining that connection will just keep you from throwing stuff out and that is completely the opposite of a cleanup.

Accept the fact that you do not need items and send them to be disposed of. Of course, if something is still in a working condition, you should consider whether you want to sell it, give it a friend or donated to people in need. I do have to mention that it is very important where you are throwing the garbage. You cannot just throw it on the street, it is immoral and sometimes even illegal. The best way to deal with junk, according to junkremovalftcollins.com, is to just call a holding or disposal services. They will be out of your hair in a couple of minutes.

Clean the garage

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Well, since everything has been removed from inside, the entire space in the garage will now open up. You can finally see just exactly how much space you have wasted and that you can now utilize it. There is room for a car, maybe two, there is room for a huge workbench and so on. But, before you start planning about setting up the garage, you should first clean it.

I would recommend giving your friends a task of cleaning while you are in charge of decluttering. Your first step would be to vacuum the entire floor. Just imagine how much dust and dirt have been accumulating over all of these years. After everything has been vacuum, you can now start mopping the floors. Make sure you use a strong enough chemical to ensure that everything is crystal clear. Wipe down the cupboards, the workbench and you should be done.

Take things back inside

Considering that you have probably thrown out most of the stuff that you do not need, I am certain that you now have a much smaller amount of items you need to deal with. You can now fit these things inside of your garage without taking up too much space. You can fill up the cupboards, or maybe even by a couple of racks where you can keep yourself, fill out the workbenches drawer, and so on.

Just make sure that you throw enough stuff away because you want to keep your garage as open and clean as possible. It is very important to ensure that your car will finally be able to enter the garage again.