Are We in the Golden Age of Online Gaming? – Guide 2024


There is no denying that the online gaming industry has continued to boom in recent years, with the sector having managed to enjoy a significant rise.

According to data that was collected in 2020, the industry was thought to have generated around $21.1 billion, which had accounted for a growth of around 21.9% from the year before. Furthermore, figures had highlighted that it was estimated that there are around 3.24 billion online gamers around the world, with it expected that online gaming will surpass 1.3 billion by 2025.

Indeed, markets such as China, South Korea, and Japan have proven to be big reasons why the online gaming industry has managed to explode, however it is important to realize that online gaming is extremely popular all over the world, with markets in Europe and North America also enjoying huge success.

Naturally, with the data that has been made available in recent years, there should be no surprise that many are now questioning whether we are in the golden age of online gaming.

There are several reasons that would certainly suggest that we are, with each of those factors being highlighted and assessed in this article, although could it also be argued that this is just the beginning and that the golden age is yet to truly arrive?

1. More players than ever before


Of course, one of the significant data points that we mentioned previously was regarding the number of players that continue to play games online. Indeed, whilst this number did not specify whether they were playing traditional video game titles or were playing the wide array of casino games that can be found at sites including, it is clear that the number of gamers is continuing to improve.

As highlighted, there is already thought to be over 1 billion gamers who are enjoying online titles across the world and this number is expected to continue to rise soon, with it claimed that it is expected to increase to 1.3 billion by 2025.

There are a couple of reasons why this could happen, with the following points perhaps playing a crucial role in why this has happened:

2. Improvement in technology

As technology continues to increase and get better, the impact that it has been able to have on the gaming industry has been rather significant. Players are now able to enjoy more immersive experiences which have ultimately made gaming even more popular than before, as the gamer can now feel as though they are part of the game that is being played.

Additionally, the increase in technology has also meant that more gamers can be reached and play online gaming. The tech may have had a role in improving gameplay experiences, however it has also had a crucial role in making these titles become more accessible to players.

With internet networks and connections continuing to be improved, whilst countries around the world continue to improve the infrastructure required for them, more and more people are now able to enjoy online gaming.

3. More choice


One reason that could perhaps help to highlight why there are more gamers playing online now compared to previously could be due to the number of titles that are now available, as the choices made accessible have expanded significantly.

With a range of different options to choose from, there is a greater possibility of potentially attracting new audiences and people that may not necessarily have been that interested in playing online games beforehand.

4. Better games have been created

Additionally, another benefit that has been experienced by the online gaming industry in recent years due to the improvement in technology is regarding the selection of games that have been created.

As mentioned, there is a lot more to choose from now for players, however choice can only be a good thing if the games are of a certain level of quality. Indeed, with the market being incredibly competitive and developers continuing to try and attract new players to enjoy their titles, they have had to work tirelessly and ensure they provide a quality game that is unique or at least different in ways from their competitors.

This has then helped to create several better titles to be made available, thus benefiting the individuals who wish to play them.

Have we actually entered the golden age of online gaming, though?


We highlighted earlier that whilst it could be relatively easy to think that we have entered the golden age of online gaming already, there are a couple of arguments that could perhaps suggest that we have not quite reached it, despite the industry undoubtedly being in the best position it has ever been.

For instance, we could point to the technology available and suggest that there are still several improvements that could be made that could help to take the entire sector into a new age. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are perhaps two of the biggest technological advances to have been experienced, however they are yet to be made available in the mainstream market.

Additionally, online gaming could potentially enter a golden age when the entire world becomes connected with the best possible internet. Some countries across the planet are unable to enjoy the best speeds or even emerging tech such as 5G, with some still on 4G, or even 3G in places.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, it is rather easy to suggest that the online gaming industry has already entered the golden age as players are already able to enjoy several benefits and positives that have helped to enhance their overall gaming experiences whilst online.

However, as we pointed out in this article, it could also be argued that this is still the very beginning of something that can be rather special and that there are still several factors that could potentially move the industry even further forward!