5 Features Every Modern Gps Tracking System Should Have

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GPS has been the most influential invention in the technology world. The enormous benefits of the GPS tracking system have made this device a must-have for domestic and commercial set-ups. GPS tracking solutions have become vital to everyday life as they ensure the safety of people and assets.

Big technological giants continually invest their time and resources to create advanced and comprehensive GPS tracking solutions. They keep innovating to introduce incredible features in the GPS tracker. Though there can be several features in the modern GPS tracker, we will know about the top five must-have features in the GPS tracking system.

Must-have Features in the GPS tracker

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To get the most from your GPS tracking system, here are some of the best GPS features you must have in your tracker.

1. Real-time location

The most basic function of a GPS tracker is providing the real-time location. This feature is generally offered in most GPS tracking systems available today. However, not all GPS tracking systems provide real-time solutions. Some tracking systems only provide periodic updates. While some send data every two minutes, some send it every five minutes, and so on. You need to select one that matches your needs.

For fleet management, the real-time location of the assets is a game-changer. If you want to check the precise location of your vehicles anytime and from anywhere, you need to make sure that you buy a GPS fleet tracking solution that includes this feature. You can check out this list of best GPS Fleet tracking solution curated by Matrack Inc.

Fleet owners use this feature to know where their drivers and vehicles are at a given time. Having access to this information allows you to respond and take action quickly in emergencies. The companies can send replacement vehicles, team members, and other resources to the right places.

Real-time location is also the number one feature because it helps in theft and vandalism. Many businesses see a massive return on investment by recovering their stolen vehicle using this advantageous feature of the GPS tracker.

So, if your business must have real-time data, then you need to check with your GPS tracking system providers how often their tracking devices update and whether they provide real-time data.

2. Geofencing

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Do you want that person or vehicle to remain in the predefined area? Geofencing is one of the most coveted features of the GPS tracking system for the reasons mentioned below.

The geofence feature in the GPS tracking system helps you set a virtual boundary and define a particular geographic area.

It sends alerts whenever the tracker enters or exits the geofenced area. Many fleet managers create virtual boundaries for their vehicles and receive notifications and alerts if the tracker leaves the geographical facility.

Receiving instant alerts when your vehicles travel beyond the approved boundaries is also helpful in reducing the chances of theft.

If the vehicles are found in an area where they are not supposed to be, you can check if it is stolen and take timely action.

Also, knowing about your vehicle movement can ensure theft recovery.

Geofencing is used by several industries like delivery companies, travel companies, retail, hospitality, shopping, etc.

3. Customized Alerts

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Customizable alerts are also one of the top features you need in your  GPS tracking solution. This feature is very important in a GPS tracker for fleet vehicle owners.

For example, a fleet management company can set an alert if their driver’s behavior is inappropriate. The manager gets to know when the driver is over-speeding or taking a longer route than usual.

Also, you can set real-time tracking alerts if the fuel is getting wasted due to poor driving habits or high idle time. You can find your areas for improvement and reduce fuel costs by 5 to 10%.

You can set time-based customizable alerts, long idle times alerts, speeding alerts, battery-disconnection alerts, maintenance alerts, and so on.

Such diagnostics can allow you to reduce risk, improve security, and enhance business efficiency.

4. Reporting

Ready-made data is key to making crucial business decisions. A GPS tracking system must automatically record and store data such as vehicle position, route traveled, fuel usage, speed of the vehicle, maintenance and service, idling times, and more.

Most of the GPS tracking systems offer essential reporting tools. But for more significant optimization, you need higher access and complete information from your GPS tracking system. If you have an enormous fleet with hundreds of vehicles, it becomes impossible to track a hundred or a thousand vehicles at one go. Therefore, knowing history is essential.

You can check whether the reports are provided daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly with your GPS provider. Using this feature, you can check the information to track the vehicle’s movement in the past. The tracking companies provide easy-to-read reports that can be downloaded and easily understood.

5. Customer support

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Customer satisfaction is essential for every business. Look for a GPS vendor that offers tracking systems, along with after-sale support. As fleets function throughout the day and night, you should be able to contact the vendor and seek a solution.

So, when you purchase a GPS tracker, you should check whether the provider offers good customer support to solve all your problems. Many companies prioritize the customer’s delight by offering 24 hours complaint resolution. The customer support includes the services like updating you with detailed information about the product, solving all the technical issues, making you aware of the launch of any new features, and so on.

To ensure that you get the best customer support, you can check the testimonials or customer reviews of the website of the GPS tracker company you are going to buy. It will help you make the best decision.

 Now that you have a good understanding of some of the most vital features that you must consider while buying a GPS tracker, it is time to make your choice. Look for a provider that unites all the above features and provides an excellent GPS tracker. It will ensure that you have peace of mind and maximum security.