Gonzales Sends Strong Message to the League

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With the beginning of spring, big world events return to the big door, which during the winter were on a short break, and especially those that are played on open fields. It slowly brings fans and sports fans back to the stands and in front of the TVs to watch these sporting events. Such is the case with the baseball leagues that are especially popular in the United States, and the proof of that was the match that was recently played, in which the famous athlete Marco Gonzales had an address that did not leave indifferent the fans of the team and this sport.

Marco Gonzales got emotional on his press conference where the Seattle Mariners have introduced him once more. He delivered a strong message that threatens the rest of the league with his new-look team.

The former Gonzaga University standout was happy to extend his stay with the Mariners for the upcoming season, it seemed like a fresh start for his already fruitful career. He seemed to be fulfilled after sitting in front of the media and speaking as a part of the team for the first time. The happiness was evident and striking, and it could easily be seen on his face during the entire conference. It is a rare thing that is beautiful to look at when it comes to the sport, but also when it comes to the players who love the teams they play for and the sport in which they are a part.

‘We’ve found our home’, said Gonzales

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‘We want to start putting together this foundation and this is, for lack of a better way to put it, a sign that we’re putting our money where our mouth is’, Mariners general manager Jerry Dipoto said at Tuesday’s press conference announcing Gonzales’ new deal. ‘We want to be about this young group of players and make sure this group understands they are here and our fan base understands that these are the Mariners’. This was the message that softened a large number of people who heard and witnessed it, and the reporters who transmitted it all did not remain indifferent.

The pitcher signed a $30 million deal that would keep him with the team until 2024. A $45 million option comes along in his final year with the team. Dipoto indicated similar long-term deals with other players in the team.

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‘Yeah, that’s absolutely the idea’, he said. ‘I won’t say who they are, but the thought is to keep this core of players together and make that our theme. This is our story. These are our guys and we think this is going to be a championship club’.

Gonzales cherished the memory of moving to Seattle, saying it was one of the best decisions he made in his life. We are sure that this decision will result in a number of successes that he himself as a player in the team will bring, but also his team as a whole will bring. All this will undoubtedly delight many fans of this sport and the team in which Marco plays.

‘For us moving forward here in Seattle, to be with our family and a ballclub that is trying to build a championship team, to have a chance to be at the forefront of that is a huge opportunity for me’, Gonzales said.

Since taking over the starting spot last season, things turned out well for the 28-year-old. Nothing has been the same for him and his family as he had the best time of his life.

‘It’s a perfect fit for us’, he said. ‘We love to call this home. We always knew we wanted to raise kids and eventually settle down here. After I got traded here in 2017 and we were up with the team, Monica and I kind of looked at each other and were like, “Well, this is as good as any reason to know this is our home”. We were very, very proud’.

Read the details on Gonzales’ contract extension with the team

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Dipoto did not regret extending Gonzales’ contract with the team. He could have opted for other younger players, but he chose to believe in the 28-year-old’s abilities. Readiness and skills are what make a player a strong and real choice, and it is so at the moment and we are sure it will be so in the future. The players who show interest and dedication are usually the right choice and the choice that needs to be made, and this is the case that shows us that. The great game will continue and it will be a beautiful sight for all fans of this sport.

‘Marco has been as consistent a pitcher every fifth day as we could have hoped for these last two years’, Dipoto said. ‘Along the way, we found out a lot about who he is as a person and player and how much he relishes that leadership role’. Marco himself has justified these pleasures with his game and subtlety. Not everyone can achieve that, but Marco can achieve that, who delighted the team leaders, but also the whole audience with the game he presented together with the whole team.

Gonzales came up with the perfect message on the team’s approach towards the season. It was the mentality that they will settle with.

‘I think everybody knows what they’re going to get from me every fifth day. They’re going to get someone who is not going to take a loss easily. That’s what it’s going to start with. We’re not going to be OK with a loss. We understand it’s a process, but it’s not our job to worry about where the ship is being steered. We’re just rowing the boat’, said Gonzales.

The message that was sent, the cooperation that exists between this player and the team and the contract with Marco can show how much the commitment and sacrifice of the team and the game of the team can bring good moments and results, and that is something he loves himself. team and the audience that follows the sport in which the team competes.

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