7 Tips for Making Your Own eSports Gaming Merch

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Unique and specialized merchandise is a huge trend nowadays, and everyone who wants to be recognized and remembered does this. Customized merch is extremely popular within esports, and it is said that if you want to make some additional profits, this is something that you need to consider.

If you don’t know how to do it, or how to even start, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to give you some tips for making your own esports gaming merch and we will tell you how to avoid the most common mistakes that people make.

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  1. Start by figuring out what you need

The first thing that you want to do if you want to create merchandise is figure out what you want to create, and what people are going to be the most interested in. The easiest way to do this is to see what your competitors are doing, and how much profits they are getting from this.

See what the mistakes they make are, and run an analysis on what you can do to place the right products at the right time. On the same note, don’t forget to check out what users are interested in, and do your own market research by surveying potential clients on what they would be interested in buying.

  1. Plan the design

Once you have a general idea of what you want your merch to consist of, the next step is planning the design. Make sure you use your own esports colors, and trademark all the things that you create.

There are a lot of ways to approach this, and if needed, you can always collaborate with a professional to help you out with the design. If you don’t want to do that, know that it is better to stick to simple looks, than to try to bite more than you can chew and end up with merchandise that looks like it has been crafted by a child.

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  1. Make sure you choose the right place to create the merch

When it comes to printing out your designs and creating the first products of your merchandise, you need to approach this part with caution and choose the right place where you will get everything done. Note that no matter how good the design is, and no matter how amazing your plan is, if the product is not properly made, and if the quality of the goods is low, then you have done all of this to no avail.

You can use websites like www.playwhatever.com to find high-quality goods that you can print on, and make sure that your customers, as well as your team, will be happy to wear or use the merch that you have placed.

  1. Don’t focus on clothes only

If you want your merch to be memorable, and if you want to draw customers in, then you should not focus on clothing and apparel only. There are many other things that are going to be much easier to market, promote and sell, and they are going to bring constant profits.

You can start by exploring stickers, because, chances are, your target audience will want to put your stickers on their laptops, or in their rooms, and that way you will be getting free marketing. Don’t forget to explore specialized mugs or cups, since we all know that every gamer wants to have a cup of coffee in the morning.

Pins and patches are other things that you might want to explore, and you can pretty much do anything that you want, as long as you find the right audience for you.

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  1. Remember that you can customize the devices as well

Customizing devices can be a little bit tricky, and in some cases, this plan can backfire, but there are things that you can easily do and get more users and gamers to be interested in your merch.

One of the most popular things to do is to customize the keyboard caps, and this way, you don’t have to invest in a whole keyboard making process, instead, you can just place the caps on the market, and let gamers get some creative freedom and use your product.

The number one reason why people choose to invest in personalized and customized keyboard caps, or even accessories for their devices, is because this is usually a budget-friendly option that allows them to have something different and unique. Make sure you are the one who offers this for them and make some additional profits.

  1. Know what you should avoid

Now let’s see what are the things that you should avoid, and that will not be as good of a decision in the long run. Experts suggest that items that are high-risk including controllers, headphone skins, along with mousepads, are usually not a good option, because they are not going to be profitable. Custom tech products are relatively difficult to advertise and sell, so it is better if you do minor modifications like a personalized keyboard than placing specific things.

You should also steer away from items like phone covers or things like fidget spinners, or any types of flashpan or gimmick products. You should also try to avoid making cut and sew products that have the potential to just backfire and promote your merch in the worst way possible.

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  1. Always choose quality

The final thing that you need to focus on when creating your own esports gaming merch is to focus on quality. When you do your research, you will see that you have a lot of options, and some are going to be better than others. Even though all of us work with limited budgets, know that when you invest in something good, it will pay off.

No matter who is wearing or using your merchandise, you want to take pride in the quality, and you don’t want your items to lose color or to get damaged after the second use. So, make sure you find the perfect balance between staying within your budget and creating durable goods.

These are some of the most important things you need to know about making your own esports gaming merch, and as long as you come up with a good plan, design, and collaborate with reliable professionals, you should be able to place amazing things on the market. Invest in working with the right team that will help you achieve your dreams and make a lot of profits in the long run.