A Guide on Dining Room Table Materials, Shapes and Styles

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A Dining room is a place used for both eating and gathering for some important family discussion. So to shop for a table you have to consider the shape of the furniture, material used and style as well to give a modern and fashionable look.

There are various furniture flooded with several types in the market nowadays such as hamptons dining chairs and hampton style dining chairs, etc. Dining tables completely rely on the material used. Most popular table is the most preferred option. You can check MAISON, and see a variety of options for the Dining table.

Types of material used in Dining table:

There are many designs available in the market which is made from different material some of the are:

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Wood Dining Table

Wood is considered to be a more versatile material and it can be composite, or softwood depending upon your choice. If you are selecting a wooden dining table choose hardwood. Because hardwood is made up of oak, walnut, mapple, etc. However they are slightly more expensive than composite or softwood.

Metal Dining Table

It is durable. These tables are also considered modern and cool. They are also stain resistant and they can be a good fit in a contemporary space.

Glass Dining table

It may be wooden, graphite or of metal frame. It looks elegant and airy giving a more simple vase look with flowers and petals in it which also leaves a powerful impression on people. The only thing you have to clean is regularly so that dust particles do not get visible over it.

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Laminate Table

These tables have a layer over it of PVC and leave a high impact over a person. It is durable and sturdy. These tables come in budget and top the list with several different designs to be chosen from.

Marble Dining Table

Marble DIning Table is easy to clean and has a rich and elegant look. Marble is not used only on the counter top part of the kitchen. Nowadays they are used in making the most luxurious dining table also.

Dining Table Shapes

Dining room table shapes are the most important part on which your dining table depends upon according to the space and place. Some variety of shapes are defined below:

  • Round: It is old and has a cozy look. Also it consumes a lot of space.
  • Square: It is good for square areas but carries a lot of space. Also it is lately fashioned.
  • Rectangular: It is a good and most common shape. It is mostly used in kitchen interior designs.
  • Freeform: It gives an artistic look and an eccentric view.
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Dining Table Styles:

Dining table style has a key role in making your dining area look good. It includes some of the following things: Shaker, Pedestal, Modern, Trestle, Farmhouse, Etc. You can pick any of the styles and create an ambiance that best suits your home. Overall buying any furniture such as your dream dining table is a personal experience and it takes time.

Here are some of the dining table description:

Farmhouse table

It is a heavy table and the legs of the dining table are especially typical. It includes a bench and on the two sides of the table and has a rectangular thick table top with mostly sturdy legs. It is made up from distressed wood which gives an aged look to the dining table.

Pedestal Dining table

This dining table is oval shaped at the table top and comes with various shapes and sizes to be differentiated from. It also has small footprints and the leaf inserts are to some extent to increase the length of the table top. There also comes the double-pedestal table which has a support column.

Moreover new designs come with a new tabletop design holding candles or featuring oval or circular shapes.. They can be commonly used in the rooms with the least space because they can spread out three or four feet outside.

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Rustic modern

These are the tables that are made from rustic elements and are a combination of metal legs, aged woods and sleeks. These often have a rectangular top and are combined with modern features beside it as a base and also features wood elements.

The most common thing is the use of modern design with rustic elements. It is also available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to be chosen with some artistic designs.

Traditional oval

Traditional oval tables may also look like pedestal designs which support less space and are available with 4 legs featuring tabletop oval and may also feature a leaf. It is mostly constructed with stained wood instead of painting. These are mostly single or double pedestal tables with several designs and looks.


Shaker tables are known for their function and simplicity. These do not have any fancy features or any detailed cravings. Shaker tables are often made from maple, pine, cedar and cherry. Shaker furniture is built to last long and comes in mostly rectangular shape with a vast variety of styles and minimalist designs. They have a more modern style having a straight line which results in a heavier look instead of the curves.

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The support and metal legs can be most commonly seen in Industrial dining tables. These are typically heavy and large dining tables which are constructed with recycled metals and have a variety of styles.

These tables are generally constructed in association with the construction. It supports beams and has a tabletop which is rectangular shaped and is used in industrial settings. Due to its heaviness these tables provide a stable surface other than lighter tables.


Usually round fit tables are mostly preferred by the people more than the rectangular fit because it lasts longer and many people also consider a glass table in a round table or plastic molded because it has an elegant and a warm look. Minimum size is 36 inches which is enough to be fitted in any kind of room for 4 to 5 people.