Heating Recovery Ventilation: An Investment In Fresh Air

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A house that is well insulated and experiencing high energy costs can benefit from an HRV or Heat Recovery Ventilation. There is more humidity gathered in a well-insulated house as well as pollution than there is in a home that has a good bit of air infiltration.

HRV is considered the most efficient in climates that are extremely cold but they can make sense in regions where the summers are hot as well.  They are practical in homes where there is high winter humidity but in climates with high summer humidity, an enthalpy-type HRV is able to assist the air conditioning.

An HRV that is functioning well and serviced regularly through a FixAppliances can save vastly on energy costs within a home. It allows for stale air to be pushed outside of the home and clean, healthy air to come back inside with no blending of the two airflow. As it works it transfers the outgoing air that has been heated or cooled to the incoming supply so that the air arriving back in is either dehumidified or pre humidified.

Costs For HRV Installation

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Depending on what type of HRV that’s installed, the price in the shops such as SmileHvac will vary. There are some that will get mounted as with an air conditioning unit for an individual room in either a window or wall opening which are commonly seen in laundries or bathrooms.

A larger HRV meant for the whole house gives clean air to all of the rooms in the home. These require duct work to be routed in a few places where the stale air is most significant; again, as in laundries, kitchens, or bathrooms. If there is pre-existing duct work, the installation process can be significantly simple as it uses the existing return-air system.

The cost for a whole-house ducted HRV is dependent on which model is chosen, how much duct work will be required, as well as the level of difficulty that is needed in order to do the job. The units by themselves can run upwards of $400 starting to approximately $1500 at the high end. In order to get a good estimate of what the cost will be including installation, it’s important to talk with various different appliance repair Burlington so that you can get different bids.

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The mounted version will go from nearly $400 at the low end to approximately $500 at the high end. Understanding the right size that you will need is going to depend on how many people live in the home and the measurement of the room or the home itself, whichever you choose to use. It is recommended by the ASHRAE or American Society for Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning that indoor air be replaced with a minimum of 15 CFM for each person living in the home.

Oftentimes, utility companies will provide homeowners with rebates due to their installing the HRV. The savings in energy costs alone are significant with this being introduced into the environment, not to mention the benefit of healthy, clean, fresh air.