How to Choose a Hot Water Dispenser for Your Home?

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Thanks to technological advancement and innovation, today we have an abundance of hefty gadgets, appliances, and devices that make our daily lives easier and more convenient. In one’s home, this especially applies to tech innovations in the kitchen.

In the past, people used to place kettles over a flame whenever they wanted to drink a hot beverage. This later evolved into the electric kettles we use today. However, no matter how convenient they are, sometimes you might want to boil water for just a single cup of tea or coffee. Maybe you are in a rush and would like to prepare your morning hot-drink in a matter of seconds. Most kettles do not offer this option, but there is an appliance that does – a hot water dispenser. So if you are interested in such a device and might consider buying it, here are some things to think about when choosing a suitable model.

What It Is

The appliance will quickly boil and dispense a single cupful of water for you. The standard features include a water tank, drip tray, and boil-dry protection. However, certain models come with many other features and benefits.

Dispenser vs. Kettle

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Unlike most kettles, dispensers do not require you to measure the amount of water you need since it always provides one cup of liquid at a time. According to, some models enable you to adjust the settings, but general ones can dispense between 150 ml – perfect for a cup or small mug and 350 ml, which is great for a large one. Because they contain less liquid, they are much quicker as opposed to kettles, and they also require no lifting or pouring. Regardless, the only downside might be that the liquid in dispensers is hot but never boiling.

Things to Consider

1. Dispense Amount

Certain models will only fill your cup with the same amount of liquid, no matter its size. Other types offer you a chance to change the amount of dispensed liquid with every use.

2. Filters

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Some types come with filters that are great for helping to prevent the build-up of limescale and limiting the amount of scale that ends up in your drink. However, they do need to be changed regularly, adding additional expenses to your budget, they might make it harder to fill the water tank, and might be a bit tricky to change in some models.

3. Manual Stop/ Cancel Button

This feature can be very useful if you want to stop the dispense mid-flow. They are very effective and work immediately.

4. Water Tank

Although it is not really necessary to have a removable tank, it might make it easier to refill it this way and you can do it directly from the sink. If you are choosing a model that has this feature, just make sure that the tank is easy to remove and place back. You can see some water tanks on sites such as Dwelling Advisor.

5. Available Space Under the Water Outlet

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Check how much room is available under the outlet, especially for tall mugs. You want to ensure there is enough space so that any type of cup or mug can be placed and taken off the drip tray with ease to avoid spilling.

Some other features you might want to consider include rubber feet, side water gauge, locking lid, thermal cut off, low water or on/ off indicator, and more.


These appliances offer you a quick, easy way to get hot water, especially if you are in a hurry or just need a single cupful of it. Think carefully about what model suits you best and once you choose it, see for yourself all the wonderful benefits it has to offer.