Hidden Gems in Australia

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Australia is one of those places that a lot of people want to visit for all the good rumors that they’ve heard about it. From our own experience, visiting Australia just once is never enough if you really want to experience its beauty. If you are going there in the near future, chances are that you won’t even know what places to go and what to see, but that’s exactly what we are here to help you with.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the hidden gems in Australia. For those of you who might not be very familiar with this term, hidden gems are places that are not very popular amongst tourists, but they are offering an unforgettable experience and are an absolute must-visit. Let’s take a look.

Reasons to Visit Australia

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There are more than enough reasons to make you put Australia to the top of your bucket list, even if you are a person who doesn’t really travel all that much. This is the type of country that offers something interesting for each person. Starting from the beautiful and untouched nature, and moving up all the way to some of the most iconic places on the planet, such as the opera house, Australia has just so much to show you.

The people in this country are friendly and always up for a good conversation. Even if you are traveling solo, you will often find someone to talk to or ask for advice even. Now, the only “downside” might be the distance that you have to travel in order to get there, but it is all well worth it in the end. Let’s take a look at some of the hidden gems in Australia.

Port Stephens – Breathtaking Tours

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We choose this destination to be on our number one spot on the hidden gem list because of many reasons. First of all, it’s a very family-friendly location, and always a great choice for a place to spend your holiday. It offers a beautiful sight of untouched nature and tons of fun activities that you can do both alone or with your friends and family. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you can do at Port Stephens

  • Go Dune Surfing

These dunes are the best place to be if you happen to be someone who enjoys the adrenaline and some extreme activity. Dune Surfing is a very fun thing to do, and unlike other extreme activities, it’s not even remotely as dangerous.

A place for this kind of activity can be found at the Stockton Sand Dunes location. Some of the dunes are about fifty meters tall, which means that you’ll have a lot of fun surfing them. Make sure to bring your sunscreen, however, since sunburn is something that’s not rare to get here at all.

What type of board you’re going to use for this activity is completely up to you, but you can either makeup something on your own or purchase one that is specifically meant for this activity. It’s not rare to see someone using a homemade board however, so nothing wrong with that.

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  • Spotting exotic animals

Often times people report that they’ve seen a Koala around the areas located in Port Stephens, so when you are approaching a bunch of eucalyptus trees, make sure to look around and be aware of your surroundings. Koalas are not the only thing you can see here though. Dolphins are also really common and there is a place at Port Stephens that is called “The home of dolphins”. Feel free to read more here.

  • Watch the amazing aircrafts

There’s a place called Fighter World where you can see a couple of huge hangars filled with fighter jets that were once used for real battles. If you are someone who likes aircraft, you will find a lot of interesting things to see at this location. Even if you are not too much into this, you will still have plenty of fun.

The best thing about it is that you are allowed to sit inside some of these aircraft and take amazing photos for your social media profiles. If you are eager to learn more, the staff there will be glad to tell you a thing or two about the history of the machinery.

Bungle Bungles – Amazing Sandstone Formations

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Upon arriving at this place, you will immediately start to think that you are currently on a piece of an alien land. The formations of the sandstone are just so unique and unlike anything that you’ve ever seen before. This is an amazing place to be if you are a lover of weird things that nature does, and it is also one of the best places where you can take breathtaking photos to share on your social media profiles.

Bay of Fires – Located in Tasmania

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There are many beautiful things to see in Tasmania’s landscape, but the bay of fires is one of those that are absolutely mind-blowing. It’s a bay that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

The nature looks completely untouched and upon arriving here you will probably have a feeling like you’re the first person who ever walked on this beautiful piece of land. The stones spread across the bay area are marked with beautiful red colors and the water is crystal clear, making the perfect scenery for a breath-taking photo.


As conclusion, Australia is the perfect place to visit because of many reasons. It has two completely different sides that will make you come back multiple times. One side is made out of the perfect and untouched landscapes, while the other side is made out of the most luxurious and modern places to go if you visit some of the most popular cities in the country.

There are just so many things that you can see and one trip to Australia is definitely not enough if you want to experience everything that this magical place has to offer. So, book your next ticket and trust us when we say that you will be absolutely in love with the things you’re about to see.