Top 8 Reasons Why To Hire A DUI Lawyer When Facing Charges For Driving Under Influence

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Being charged with DUI (driving under the influence) may be a harrowing experience. DUI cases are common in the USA. According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles statistics, over 27,000 cases have been registered under DUI laws. If the police catch you drunk driving, that doesn’t mean that the fight is over, but still, there is hope to come out of this kind of issue.

A well-reputed DUI lawyer can help you out in such a case. They can represent the accused in court and request the court to reduce the punishment. People, who don’t want to carry a drunk driver’s badge on their head, should hire a DUI lawyer.

Things that can happen if you don’t hire a DUI lawyer

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Authorities can catch and book you under DUI if they find that you drive while consuming alcohol and prohibited drugs. This can lead you to severe consequences. Sometimes, that case can land you in jail for several months or even years. That potentially affects your financial condition because there is no way you can do your job during the punishment period. This is why it is essential to defend the case vigorously in court. An experienced DUI lawyer can only handle this.

Few people prefer to represent themselves in court for their DUI charges. However, this is rarely an excellent idea because chances are, you can’t defend the case professionally unless you have experience. A person who represents himself in court with a lack of knowledge can be incredibly detrimental in court. Few judges with little patience won’t prefer to hear the arguments from a newcomer, and this is why it is not a good idea to go for DIY if you have already been slapped with DUI charges.

Advantages of hiring DUI lawyer

Court proceedings are very complex, and they go for a long time. Everyone wants to come out clean from the DUI charges, and that is only possible when you have a professional DUI lawyer at your side. Here are the advantages of hiring a DUI lawyer.

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1. Ease of mind

People, who are not alcohol addicts but caught under the DUI law accidentally, can become nervous, and it is tough for them to deal with the stress. Most people today don’t have deep insights into the criminal justice system and the rules and regulations extended by it. Additionally, if you face the law for the first time, you must be unaware of the consequences of the DUI case. In such cases, an experienced DUI lawyer can help you come out from the fears. An experienced DUI lawyer knows how to deal with such cases and can provide comfort to his client.

2. Preserves all the legal evidence

Sometimes court orders for the video evidence of the arrest and mandatory breathing test. There is any blood test on the off chance, and the blood sample must be kept a few times legally. An experienced DUI lawyer is aware of all these types of legal formalities. He will ensure no damage to any type of legal evidence that is crucial for proving innocence to his client and educate you not to damage any evidence that is strong enough to defend the case in court.

3. A thorough investigation of the case

Witnesses play a crucial role in such cases to prove innocent to the accused. Sometimes, they have to face interviews for better clarity. The witnesses can be civilians or law enforcement agents, and an experienced lawyer can perfectly do that to gather concrete evidence to prove your innocence. Chances are a witness can forget the details of the particular incident, and in such a scenario, the lawyer can present correct information in court.

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4. DUI lawyer helps to return the driving license

According to the DUI provision, the driving license of the accused can be revoked if he is found guilty. Once the license is suspended, it is very hard to return and drive on the roads. A DUI lawyer helps lessen the charges and work patiently to get back your license. He strongly defends the case in court in favor of the client and lets the court convince you to return your driving license by which you can resume driving on the road.

5. Helps to erase permanent criminal record

If someone gets arrested for consuming alcohol, it is evident that it will destroy their professional life forever. This is because no organization will agree to hire an employee with a criminal record. Driving after consuming alcohol is a crime that can stay on your record for a minimum of 6 years. So, if you get arrested for driving while drunk, you need to hire a DUI lawyer instantly.

6. Helps to save money

Experience is everything, and an experienced lawyer can help his clients in many ways to save money during the trial of the case. They know how to present the DUI case in court thoroughly to ensure the length of the trial period is shorter, and the case ends in a dismissal. In this way, the accused will save a high amount of money and time altogether.

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7. Chances of dismissal

No professional lawyers would like to lose the case they handled. They navigate correctly, find the loopholes, and dismiss the case if the accused is found guilty. Using his experience and presenting strong evidence while defending you in court, the lawyer will ensure either dismissal of the case or minimal punishment.

8. The privilege of special court orders

Experienced DUI lawyers know the traffic laws in detail. They can suggest supplementary penalties that are less stressful and create fewer obstructions in life. In this way, it will be easy for the accused to return to everyday life.


Hiring a DUI lawyer comes with several advantages, and you will come out clean if you are innocent in a DUI case. This site can help you know more about how DUI lawyers can help you.