Top 5 Most Expensive CS:GO Skins

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If you haven’t heard of it Counter-Strike: Global Offensive happens to be one of the most popular online video games on the planet. Launched 8 years ago, in 2014, this game has managed to amass a legion of loyal fans all over the globe. Its popularity is so huge that the CS:GO skins market has developed into a whole market and ecosystem of its own.

Each one of the individual skins has its own price tag and the players keep exchanging those skins with each other for prices varying from cents to thousands of dollars. Firstly, what is a Skin in CS:GO? Well, skins are the cosmetic graphics that feature on the weapons used in the CS:GO game. The reason for their massive popularity among players is the elevated experience users have while using them during in the gameplay itself.

This high level of popularity has led to some of the rarest and most popular CS:GO skins being shockingly expensive to buy in the skins trading sites. Let’s take a good look at the top 5 most expensive CS:GO skins ever, a list compiled by our good friends at

  1. Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore

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There is something about this a rare CS:GO skins that is irresistible to players who have the money to consider buying it. Take this one for instance. One of the most expensive skins on CS:GO, Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore is priced at around $20,000 currently. As per the gamers though, the price is justified as the rare skin doesn’t yet exist with the KennyS sticker.

However, the price of the skin keeps fluctuating between $1,000 and tens of thousands of dollars. In one amazing instance, a Dragon Lore skin with a Skadoodle sticker was sold for more than $61,000 in 2018. This certainly made the fans of the skin itself and the game gasp. But one look at the skin is enough to make you believe that it’s all worth it!

  1. StatTrak M9 Bayonet Crimson Web

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Following the design philosophy of its close sibling, the Karambit, this skin works very well as an alternative for Karambit’s in gameplay. Originally designed to be mounted on a rifle, the weapon is also fit to use in close hand to hand combats. Painted using an aggressive looking spider-web pattern, this skin looks gorgeous. Thus, its insanely high price tag of about $14,000 on today’s market.

However, despite being one of the most popular and mythic weapons, this knife skin doesn’t look quite so flashy. The animations are pretty simple, but it does look gorgeous owing to their spider-web pattern, which also gives it a sinister and aggressive feeling, as described above.

The skin was added to CS:GO in 2013, at the same time as ‘The Arms Dealer’ update. Made available in 11 cases released between 2013-2015, this skin remains one of the most in-demand CS:GO skins in the trading market, despite its continued high price range.

  1. StatTrak Karambit Crimson Web

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This happens to be one of the rarest skins in the CS:GO trading marketplace. Hence, the price of this amazing looking skin generally hovers around a price tag of $15,000 at the moment, although does move thousands each way on a regular basis. Added to the game in August 2013 in the same ‘The Arms Deal’ update as the M9 Bayonet listed above, this skin is also available in 11 cases.

Its pattern, while slightly different from the Bayonet Crimson Web, looks astonishingly original. This knife’s blade is painted in solid red, and it has a diabolical-looking black web pattern, providing it with a deadly look, which goes a long way to defining it’s standing in the market.

This skin is valued the most in the pristine factory new condition, but of course nowadays, that is exceptionally rare to come across. Hence, the price of this skin keeps hovering around. But it consistently remains one of the most expensive CS:GO skins, and we expect it to continue to be so due to it’s popularity among players.

  1. Sports Gloves Vice

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In 2024, CS:GO’s notorious case drop rotation had glove cases getting dropped out. However, this has led to a significant rise in the prices of gloves and gloves cases. The ones who had bought the Sports Gloves Vice are now selling this skin and making good profits while at they’re at it. This shows the power of the drops in the market and is something really important to understand if you are a CS:GO player.

The price range of this skin is hovering around between $1,000 and $9,000 depending on the condition of the skin. However, the price has also once gone up to $33,000 in the past for a factory new condition skin. Thus, it has also entered the league of the rarest and most expensive skins the gamer desires.

Made from black and pink textured fabric, this skin also happens to be a favorite among gamers with a great eye for aesthetics.

  1. StatTrak Karambit Gamma Doppler

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Karambit Gamma Doppler is another Karambit to feature on the list. While it might look pretty ordinary from a distance, it requires a much close look to admire its true beauty and appreciate the design work that has gone into it.

Also known with players as ‘Emerald’ informally, this skin has a very rare float value. Available in all Gamma cases, this skin was introduced into the game during 2016’s ‘Gamma Exposure’ update.

The knife is adorned with a translucent wavy lines pattern and resembles smoke, and while the handle remains unpainted this certainly does not detract from the look and feel on the skin. As with most skins the price varies a fair bit in the market, depending on condition, but generally speaking the price of this skin remains over $10,000 in many cases.

Closing Note

These rare CS:GO skins are super expensive but once the gamers buy them, they elevate the overall gaming experience many notches, and players certainly use them with pride.

Did you find your favorite CS:GO skins on our list?