5 Top Home Improvement Tips For College Students – Guide 2024

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Students in college have a lot of things to take care of. Whether it is the tuition fees or the overwhelming assignments, they are neither left with time nor money to pursue their interests. There is also the guilt of spending money on non-essential things when most savings go into utilities and food. And yet, who likes to live in a home that does not look appealing to them? Not everyone finds it okay to live in a basic home that doesn’t inspire them and can’t create a conducive environment for studying.

This remains one of the students’ main concerns. However, they rarely pay much attention to it as they think it will require them to shell out unnecessary money and time. Apartments students live in often require maintenance or even a bit of a makeover. Read on to know top tips for college students to improve their homes without spending a fortune.

1. Do a fresh paint job

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Painting your room in your favorite color(s) can be an inexpensive and quick way of changing your room’s ambiance. You need to buy some paint buckets and brushes from your nearest store or online, and you can get started with this adventurous task. Such a process will be both fun and therapeutic. Moreover, it will allow you to give your room a new vibe, for the walls are an essential element of any home. A fresh and appealing space also contributes to your everyday mood.

Some people think that painting a room yourself requires a lot of work, but nowadays, there are plenty of resources online like do-it-yourself videos to make the task as easy as possible. Painting rooms can also be a fun activity that your friends and family can partake in. It is an excellent way of uniting people.

2. Upgrade the furniture

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One of the easy improvements for your home is upgrading your furniture. When students rent a furnished apartment, it comes with basic furniture, which often looks quite boring. So, when a student is looking into home improvements, they can choose to replace all the furniture they desire with the new or thrifted pieces. One can look for thrift stores to purchase trendy furniture at affordable prices. Such stores are available offline as well as online. Home delivery services are available too. Students can place the order for the furniture and it would be delivered to their doorstep without any issues.

Revamping your living space takes time, which students often lack. But business is not an excuse to live in an apartment that gives you no joy. Take the time to redesign your room by using LetsGradeIt to manage your essay. Writing services allow students to get the best essays online and reduce their workload, letting them focus on other aspects of their lives.

3. Move things around

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Moving things around in your room costs nothing. If you do not want to buy new items for your room, you can consider moving the old ones to a new spot. You can make your space just like new by shifting things like the existing furniture, plants, rugs, etc. You can also rearrange the wall hangings and lights in your room.

There are many ways in which you can rearrange your space, and they are as follows:

• You can consider changing the position of your bed to be away from a window to get better sleep. It will allow less noise and light to interrupt your sleep.

• You may add a chair and create a sitting area so that you do not feel like staying in bed all day.

• You can reposition your bookshelf to a wall that is not already congested to avoid your room looking cluttered.

• Finally, you can take your existing items and upcycle them into something new and exciting.

One may argue that moving furniture around the room can be a lot of work. In such cases, it is never a bad idea to invite your friends over for help and party afterward.

4. Add greenery

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One can never go wrong with adding plants to the room. Greenery can liven up your room like no other item. Students often benefit from the calmness and composure that plants provide. Adding plants can have a positive impact. It offers a beautiful view throughout the day, but it also lifts the mood and adds positive vibes. Watering and tending to the plants is also a therapeutic activity.

Many plants do not need watering every day, and you just need to make sure they get the required sunlight. Taking care of plants may initially seem like a daunting task, but you can get the hang of it with time. You can also keep hanging plant pots in your room like wall hangings. They can be bought from a nearby plant nursery or online. With a plethora of options to choose from, you can decorate your room effortlessly without spending a lot of money.

5. Bring in accessories

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Accessories complement any room. Putting up wallpaper and hanging things on the walls is not enough. Throwing in some colors and new accessories can change the aesthetics of your room for good. Change those old dull curtains for some new cool ones. Add some vibrant pillows and a rug. You can also opt for a theme to accessorize your room.

Accent accessories are also a good option. You can find these bits at a thrift store just like the furniture, or you can also check out any boutique near you. However, shopping can be draining, so students should keep in mind to ensure proper nutrition to keep up with these tasks.

Final words

Who does not love to live in a home that speaks to their vibe? College students oftentimes struggle to find homes that resonate with their personality. They have to work with whatever basic apartments they can manage to rent. But with the above-mentioned tips, students can give their homes a nice makeover under budget.