Home Remodel and Renovation Waste Removal 2024

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Remodeling or renovating your home is exciting. You get to remake your home and have new rooms, expand the living space, and turn your home into something special. While this is a fantastic time to change your home, there are many things you’ll have to consider before starting the project. Many people think about contractors and equipment, but few people think about waste removal. This will cover some aspects of waste removal so that you have a better idea of how to handle this.

Different Types of Trailers

There are many different containers, and some might be good for your needs, while others might be overkill. For example, flatbed trailers are perhaps the most common type. As the name implies, these have a flatbed to rest pallets and equipment on. While they are highly versatile trailers, they aren’t great for collecting or transporting dumpsters.

Lowboy trailers are also quite common and excellent for transporting smaller equipment and dumpsters. These can be useful for smaller renovation jobs as they have a lower deck that is easy to load as needed.

Enclosed trailers are quite common and used for a variety of purposes. The containers themselves is enclosed to keep out the elements. While this can be used for hauling trash and waste material, it’s not quite the best for this particular type of job.

Best Trailers for Removing Waste

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The best trailers largely depend on what exactly you need. As discussed in the last section, there are many different types of containers, and each one is built for different needs. While this will cover some of the best containers in general for waste removal during your renovation, keep your exact needs in mind when you’re picking a trailer.

Dump trailers are the best overall for this type of project. They are practically made for hauling dumpsters, placing them down in yards or driveways, and picking them up to transport them to a landfill or similar location. These trailers do require some skill and experience to use. Make sure you know what you’re doing, or there might be some problems when picking up or unloading a dumpster.

Utility trailers can also be useful for small to medium projects. These containers have higher walls, and the top is open. This allows you to throw the trash into the container quickly, and you can easily park and drive this type of truck.

Aluminum trailers are similar to utility containers. They have higher walls and tend to have a higher capacity for even more trash. This is good for medium jobs, and they have all the benefits. Be sure to check haletrailer.com to see exactly which trailers are available for you.

Other Projects Needing a Trailer

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While this has primarily been about renovating and remodeling within the home, there are many different times you might need a trailer to remove waste. Sometimes a storm comes through or equipment catastrophically malfunctions, and you’re left with destroyed walls. There are also hoarding situations where you have to help a friend or family member remove everything they have accumulated. Containers can be extremely helpful in these situations as they make it easier to remove all the trash and waste.

If you’re working in your garage or need to empty it, then a trailer can be significant. You can remove all the waste without making several trips to the dump. Putting in a swimming pool can also require a container. This is especially true with in-ground pools where you have to remove a significant amount of dirt.

Another big project is redoing your driveway. You’ll have to remove all the existing stones and materials, which can be very difficult for yourself. The material is heavy and takes up a lot of room. This waste is almost impossible to remove with a van or small truck, so you’ll want a trailer and dumpster to help you out.

Regulations and Safety for Waste Removal

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Here are some regulations and safety tips to keep in mind when removing waste. Please keep in mind that this list isn’t exhaustive and things might be different in your particular area, so make sure that you check the regulations in your local area.

One of the most important things is to know what you can and cannot throw in a trailer or dumpster. You can throw household junk and furniture in a dumpster. Be careful about upholstered furniture and mattresses as some areas do not allow you to throw these in a dumpster. You can also throw away most appliances. If you have many appliances, then you might be required to recycle them or list them as e-waste. You’ll also have to remove freon or any other chemicals.

Yard waste can be placed in a dumpster without any limitations as can most toys. If they are electronic toys, then you must remove the batteries first. Most construction materials, like bricks and shingles, can be thrown into a dumpster. There might be a restriction on overall weight, but otherwise, it’s usually fine to throw these materials away.

You cannot throw away batteries, hazardous materials, paints, or other chemicals or tires with a trailer or dumpster. It would help if you often had a permit to remove these as they require more effort to manage safely.

More Information About Waste Removal

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Almost every home remodel or renovation project will require significant waste removal, so be sure to add this to your budget. While you can always load up a van with all the garbage, this is hazardous and very time-consuming. It’s best to get the right trailer for the job. Not only that, but the prices are often much better than people expect. You can fully trust Zero Waste Group in this regard.

Be sure to check your local area to see what the rules and laws are regarding getting a trailer or dumpster and what you can and cannot throw away. Each area is a little different, and what might be fine the town over won’t be fine for you.


Containers are great for removing waste during your renovation project because they are convenient and can remove a lot of waste at once. Be sure to get the right one, and your project will go smoothly.