Comparison of Cheapest Cloud Servers: Host Wind Vs Heficed Cloud Server 

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For individuals & startups, having a large budget for cloud servers is not that great. Therefore, they search for the cheapest options out there where they can avail all the important tools. But in this competitive market, finding the suitable cheapest option is hard because most of those don’t contain all the facilities. Therefore, we will try to share all the things you need to know about the cheapest option. In addition, I will try to provide you with the best comparison between those two.

Host Wind – Most Affordable Cloud Servers

Very few people know about Host Wind, but who knows about it? They become fans of that. Its main focal point is the most affordable part and the moderate specification of all its parts. In the later section, we will try to explain its specifications, pros, & cons. This will make your understanding easy.

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  • Storage: It has the most moderate & stable cloud server storage in the B category cloud servers range. The hardware was up to date, but the program wasn’t that efficient. Also, the data center & media placement of their flow wasn’t that much perfect but compared to the price, and it’s on the top.
  • Network Systems: They support hybrid-networking systems. Again, efficiency is a major concern. If your enterprise wants the most efficient outcome, try to stick with one network system that suits your small enterprise the most.
  • Security: As they are taking less rate from you, they probably will recruit fewer people in less security analysis. So, the security might not be perfect for high enterprise, but as your concern is about small enterprises, this security is enough.
  • AI, AR & 3D: You might not get the greatest tools, but you can make your work done with that. It’s also easy to assume that, with the least cost, you’ve to consider a few things that might not be available. Where they are providing those, and that’s a very great gesture.


  •   Stable security system for small enterprises
  •   Have workable AI, AR, & 3D tools


  •   Less optimize storage access programs
  •   Less diversified data center locations

Heficed Cloud Server – Affordable Cloud Server with Diverse Locations

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Heficed Cloud Server is another affordable but effective cloud server. As a US-based company, this is rapidly growing its services, and as well, it is also going through rapid changes in recent days. Among those changes, installation of updated hardware, hiring recruits are on the top. However, they are still on the backside compared to much-developed Cloud Servers.


  • Storage: Recently, they upgraded their storage to the latest version of SSD and upgraded their systems with efficient programs. The data transfer speed & real-time user experience has got a boost. Moreover, this boost might get in near future too & might move to category A in no time.
  • Security: With recent developments, security has got a boost. But it hasn’t that much of a boost compared to other developed companies like AWS, GCP, etc. However, it’s in another development phase, so we can expect a better version.
  • Location: It doesn’t have that diversified location, but the data centers are in multiple locations, states, and countries. Therefore, restriction-related issues will be less in that concern.
  • Diverse Products: They are introducing new tools and products that are making the user interface more working-friendly. It’ll surely give them a boost in their upcoming work and user experiences. Also, those interested in working in specific fields can avail a great amount of output from here.


  •   Have diversified product & tools
  •   Diversified locations can protect against restrictions
  •   Have better security analyst in their team


  •   Most of the tools are in the development phase

Comparison between Host Wind vs. Heficed Cloud Server

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Host wind & Heficed Cloud Server both fall under first grade cloud servers. However, its affordability makes it more lucrative among startups and individuals. But they have few differences, which can make the decision-making part a bit confusing. However, this comparison will help you to aid in this term.

Let’s look at their storage, they both are running the more or less same storage system, but Heficed Cloud Server has diversified data centers and the potential of being more developed because they have better developers. Insecurity issues, both are the same. With this price point, we can’t expect more from that.

However, they make the difference when it comes to the most precise place called locations. We can’t say when trade relations might break between two countries, and therefore, having a data center in a diversified place is the most important in our opinion. Therefore, the Heficed Cloud Server gets an edge overall in terms of these places.

The last comparison should take place in terms of specialized tools. If you aren’t in the creative industry, you might not need those, but having AI, AR, 3D support gives an edge. Especially if you are purchasing it as an individual, you must need these to optimize your potential. Also, small enterprises might shift their work or target, where this will give flexibility to them. As Heficed Cloud Servers have been, developing their tools rapidly and you want to grow in the future. My suggestion will be, just go for a Heficed Cloud Server; it will suit all your needs.

I hope that this comparison has cleared your mind. In addition, this will aid you in the end if you want to move into well-maintained cloud servers like AWS, GCP, etc.  Also, think about what you need, and take decisions based on that.


As we promised, we have provided the best comparison between our cheapest cloud servers. These servers are valued for money to all individuals & startups. These startups are very well known for budget optimizations. & these low-cost servers aid them in optimizing their budget. Moreover, if any student wants to learn & gain experience first-hand, they can get it. In addition, these experiences make their future earning potential more swift. So, pick your cheap cloud server precisely but for the short term.