The Million-Dollar Question: How Does Electronic Roulette Work?

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The controversy over ‘The Devil’s Game’, i.e. roulette, has been going on since its inception. However, despite the fact that there are people who managed to cheat roulette, this game of chance has stood the test of time. It also overcame all the bad rumors circulating about it, proving that, in the end, all the scammers would be exposed. So, if you even have the idea of cheating roulette – forget it right away.

Given that the table, classic roulette is no longer the only one on the market and that we can hear the question “How does electronic roulette work?” more and more often, we decided to deal with this topic. We want to remove all your doubts about electronic roulette, as well as its impartiality. Assuming you already know how electronic roulette is played, we can embark on solving the mystery of how it actually works…

How Electronic Roulette Works: A Machine Shrouded in Mystery

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The question of fairness of the game, especially of the roulette wheel, is nothing new. Ever since gambling became a pastime for people, this topic has been discussed. From wheels that are claimed to use electromagnets or are biased, all the way to distrust of random number generators (RNG), this game has aroused suspicion among players. And the moment electronic roulette came on the scene during the 1990s, the opinions of suspicious individuals have been heard even louder.

Players around the world began to question the fairness of electronic roulette, during which they provoked heated debates, and none of them gave a final answer. Regardless of the fact that manufacturers in the gambling industry are transparent, there is always a ‘doubting Thomas’ who wonders out loud how electronic roulette works. All this casts doubt on the chances of fair play on electronic roulette.

Because of all the above, we will try to give you answers to all the important questions regarding this machine.

The Look of Electronic Roulette

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Electronic roulette consists of a roulette wheel covered with a glass dome. The glass dome serves to allow each player to see what is going on inside. In this case, the airball is not inserted by the croupier, but by an air fan, after which the ball randomly lands in one of the pockets of the wheel. A number of seats for players are strategically placed around the roulette wheel and it depends on the design of the electronic roulette and ranges from 5 to 12.

The wheel is started and spun by a three-phase or single-phase asynchronous engine whose speed is controlled by a frequency regulator. You have previously learned the basics of roulette, you know what the house edge for roulette is, and now you are wondering what to do with that screen next to you? With it, you have the opportunity to place your bets. It is this touch screen that gives you the opportunity to choose various options with which you will try to get closer to winning. Bets are placed until you see the “No more bets” sign on the screen. That is when all the magic actually starts.

Electronic Roulette Functions

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All wins or losses are calculated electronically. The interval of independent spins is usually set between 60 and 90 seconds, which ensures a stable flow of the game. Slowing down the ball is smooth, easy, and can be observed nicely – just so players do not think there is control of the ball by the casino or other player(s).

The movement of the ball has different values – ranging from 12 pockets per second to 17 pockets per second (p/ps) during the first rotation. After the display shows “No more bets”, there are 10 more rotations of the ball when the speed of the ball and wheels slow down until the final drop.

It is important to know that all machines with airballs, even the same model and manufacturer, can have different game settings and software versions. So the values presented here are not representative of other electronic roulette models.

The automatic game is linked to a central casino tracking system so that the government can accurately tax winnings. Do you still think that electronic roulette can deceive you? We don’t think so. In the eyes of passionate and distrustful gamblers, everything can be suspicious. However, remember that when the wheel starts to spin, the RNG provides a random number.

Safety and Enjoyment

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Integrated software and built-in proprietary solutions register unwanted tilts and wheel movements, stopping the game immediately and effectively preventing unwanted abuse. The wheel is monitored so that a problem can be detected at any time. Also, we note once again that the roulette wheel is covered with a glass dome.

Hardware and software components of all electronic roulette manufacturers guarantee excellent stability and continuity of work. This results in reduced downtime as well as maintenance time and costs. So – satisfied casinos, satisfied customers. Some electronic roulette models offer players an interface that supports several languages and displays game rules and statistics. In addition, on some models, the player can manually adjust the screen contrast and switch between different interfaces or games.

You keep wondering how electronic roulette works but have you ever wondered what it has to offer? Did you know that some models give players the enjoyment of extremely spacious seats with plenty of legroom and luxuriously placed armrests? With all these benefits, players have the opportunity to control the game from their seats, without straining the neck or having to stand up. Comfort is transformed into longer gaming sessions, which in turn means higher casino revenue. Once again, we come to the conclusion that everything is equally subordinated to both players and casinos.

So if you still have a dilemma whom to give preference – electronic or classic roulette – we believe that we have somewhat resolved your doubts and allayed your fears related to electronic roulette. To stop wondering how electronic roulette works, step into your favorite casino. If you prefer to enjoy roulette from the comfort of your own home, visit one of the many online casinos with different deposit and withdrawal options by the link and try some of the various types of this game.