How Much CBD to Vape?

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We all have heard more or less about CBD. However, a lot of people are genuinely uninformed about the properties of this particular cannabis derivate. Its effect on many diseases is already famous, and CBD oils are already widely known. These oils have found their widespread use in alternative medical treatments and cosmetics.

However, oil and pills are not the only way you can consume this beneficial substance. Have you thought about starting with vaping? Believe it or not – this may be a good choice because this way you will better control your CBD intake, and on the other hand – the effect is the same, if not even better.

Positive Properties

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The benefits of CBD have long been talked about, and this topic is almost always the focus of interest. There are a number of those who support the idea that consuming this cannabis derivate is more than beneficial – especially for many health conditions. The fact is that we face stress daily and it takes its toll.

Therefore, many people are often depressed or anxious. In this regard, the CBD has already substantially reaffirmed its many benefits. But as things stand now – its application will further extend to other health problems – that is, the treatment of other illnesses. So, how to use this substance? In what forms can you do this? What is CBD Vaping and what is its scope of action – we will reveal to you below.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of 400 chemical compounds in cannabis. One of the 60 cannabis-specific compounds is the so-called cannabinoids. What is very important to point out is that cannabidiol (CBD) is not a psychoactive substance. Unlike THC known for creating euphoric sensations, CBD is inert. From a medical and legal point of view, this is very important information. CBD-only cannabinoid products are legally authorized in most countries of the world where they are in the market for free sale.

Cannabis species such as Katelyn Faith (31: 1 CBD vs. THC ratio), Harlequin (5: 2), Remedy (15: 1), Cannatonic (1: 1), Charlotte’s Web (it’s male hemp whose bud only contains cannabinoid Cannabidiol) are grown precisely for the extraction of this particular derivative, due to medical needs for cannabidiol.

How Does It Affect The Body?

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Cannabidiol, like the other 60 cannabinoids, interacts with our body through a chemical reaction through a network of neurons called the endocannabinoid system. When CBD binds to receptors of the endocannabinoid system it stimulates changes in the body, many of which are extremely positive.

Studies On The Application Of CBD

One of the most significant researches on this subject dates back to 2012. It was conducted by professional medical circles in the UK. The study looked at the impact in the use of CBD in the treatment of epilepsy. In addition to being supported by medical experts in the field –  the result itself has shown that this substance has proven to be a very good ally in the fight against various types of epilepsy.

Therefore, it has been designated a “therapeutic candidate” in terms of solving the issues of the broad spectrum of seizures. This substance has also been shown to help treat degenerative brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

Although the mechanics behind these disorders are still a big unknown, studies have shown they have something to do with pathways of proteins. Scientists were looking even deeper at the molecular level and therefore proved that this substance may protect the nerve cells from facing some degenerative disorders. This occurrence was noted as CBD neuroprotective effect. Also, there are numerous studies in which this substance has been tested and used as a cure for chronic inflammation and pain.

Possible Side Effects

CBD Vaping
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CBD is also referred to as a cure for anxiety, depression, tension, and nervousness. The known downsides of using this substance are:

  • Inhibition, ie inhibition of hepatic drug metabolic processes / lower activity of p-glycoproteins and some other drug carriers.
  • Dried mouth
  • An enlarged tremor in some percent of patients with Parkinson’s disease
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Unpleasant mild dizziness
  • Drowsiness

The Use Of CBD In Vaping Devices

This derivative is extracted from plants as part of cannabis oil. According to, the oil is further processed and various substance supplements are obtained – including electronic cigarette liquids. When used as a liquid in an electronic cigarette, in the process of heating inside the atomizer – this substance goes into steam. By inhalation, it reaches the lungs where it is absorbed and enters the bloodstream.

Therefore, this way of getting into the body is much faster than, say, taking it via a tablet that takes an hour or more. E-cigarette and vaping administration is also practical – so it can be easily monitored and dosed gradually throughout the day.

What Quantity To Use When Vaping?

CBD Vaping

Interested vapers often ask “what amount of CBD in a liquid to buy or make” and “what amount is ok during the day”. Generally, the advice is to start with 25-30mg daily. If the liquid is 100mg / 10ml, it is 10mg / 1ml and then an amount of 2 to 3ml of liquid is reached during the day. CBD is non-toxic and can be used in doses up to over 1,500mg daily. It can be used in e-liquids with or without nicotine.

Medicine And Vaporizer

Studies have shown that generally, cannabis evaporation is healthier for the user. It is a lower level of harmful substance as opposed to smoking cannabis. If we include only CBD liquids – we can say that this method is highly safe and helpful, especially if we consider some particular health conditions.

These findings are very important because of show that 10-20 percent of patients with chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and HIV have accepted cannabis or CBD smoking for therapeutic purposes. Taking this substance via vaping decreases 34% pain daily, which is very important for people who suffer from these conditions.


In the end, we can only conclude one thing. Whether you are into vaping or using oils or other products based on this substance – it is safe because it has absolutely no psychoactive effect. So just decide on which model of consuming is more acceptable to you.