How to Become a Casino Dealer in 3 Easy Steps – 2024 Guide

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Have you recently thought about a career change? That you should switch to working on something completely different than what you’re doing now? Being a casino dealer sounded like an interesting position, but you have no idea what do you need to do in order to become one.

Casino gambling, especially online casinos is a rising industry, due to many factors. Many people liked to travel for gambling, but are unable to do so now, due to the travel limitation caused by the covid-19 pandemic. So, you can imagine how many people who enjoy gambling are at the moment joining online platforms for gambling from their home. Close to 32 million people join online gambling websites, such as thefirkintavern, per day. And the number is rising, due to the fact that even casinos from Las Vegas have started streaming online table games.

This clearly proves it is a rising industry where it pays to have a career, no doubt about that. But besides so many online opportunities, the job is quite popular and the profession is more and more wanted. What you need to is make a conscious decision to switch to a different career, then be ready to do some training and learning.

The great thing about this career is that it does not require any kind of previous experience or knowledge. So, even if you’re starting from scratch, no problem, you have equal chances just as anyone else to succeed.

We’ll try to simplify the process of becoming a casino dealer and narrow it down to a couple of easy steps.

1. Enroll the course

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The simplest way is also the most obvious. Check the possibility of enrolling in the nearest course for a casino dealer. Since the main characteristics include speed, concentration, and token handling, it’s important to go through the official course. When it comes to the rules of the casino games, they easy to learn, but the token handling and the game procedures are something that is in constant need of perfecting by practicing. It might require some time, effort, and energy.

All of this is the reason for the training to last at least 10 weeks. It includes all the famous table games, such as American roulette, Black Jack, Caribbean poker, Three card poker, Texas Holdem poker.

It’s useful to make sure you’re attending a course where you’ll be trained by a high-level professional. You want to go through all the aspects of the game, in a good atmosphere. Aside from the games, you’ll get through the practice, by attending the simulations of the real game. You’ll learn all there is to know about table management, relations to the players, how to prepare for an interview, and so on. Allocating just a couple of hours a day will get you to the right career path. Upon the course completion, you will receive the certificate that will be proof of your eligibility.

2. Work on your core competences

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Becoming a casino dealer requires some core competencies, but also a realistic expectation from the career itself. Make sure you consider all the advantages and disadvantages of the position. For starters, what is visible even from the movies, a good casino dealer has to have excellent interpersonal communicational skills. Be sure that each casino will do the same when they consider hiring you for a dealer position. Other skills that need to be highly developed, are diplomacy skills. A good casino dealer has to know how to avoid, and if caught in a difficult situation, how to get out of it. Remember, you’ll be working with some of the toughest persons out there, and what you can expect is a lot of frustration coming towards you and tough energies you need to able to handle.

What is making this position challenging are the shifts, because of the nature of the work. One has to be prepared to work during the night, in closed rooms, without daylight exposure, in the limited sized space, and so on. In the beginning, this might not be an issue, but as time passes, it could add to the psychological pressure. Remaining calm is an asset.

A lot of table games involve trash-talking, for example, it’s typical for poker. Mostly it’s between the players, and should not be taken seriously, but still, you need to develop a strong personality to avoid taking them personally. At times it can be even more challenging, dealers are human too, so it’s important to combat the feeling of rage and agitation, that can come as a result of what’s happening behind the table. Discretion and confidentiality are probably the most important, because there will be a lot of money involved, and taking information like this outside the casino can affect the reputation of a good dealer.

3. Grab a job opportunity

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You’ve worked your way through the skill set and the training course, also did some practice, and ensured you knowledge level is decent. This is enough to get you the job in one of the casinos, as a fresh casino dealer. Select a couple of venues and let them know you’re available for hiring. To spread the word a bit wider than locally, consider applying to some of the foreign casinos. Or, in today’s case consider applying for an online casino dealer position. At one point, these positions were highly paid, if you’re working on a cruise ship, but given the situation with the pandemic at the moment, these types of job openings have decreased.

Regardless of the situation in the world, as we explained in the introduction, pursuing career in gambling is still very much possible due to the increase in online playing. Therefore, with a quality course finished, good set of skills, and passion for this type of work, you’ll be a successful casino dealer in no time. It’s always important to enjoy what you do, and this career will provide enough excitement, interesting happenings and above all, finance.