How to Conduct a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

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Email marketing campaigns are still quite relevant even though email marketing might seem a bit outdated. People use their emails daily and anything that ends up in someone’s inbox is very likely to be seen and read. We might have turned our attention to social media platforms, but that doesn’t mean email is overrated. We still very much use them and we tend to trust them much more than the feed of a social media platform.

The majority of people said that they prefer to receive updates on any changes and promotions of a company via email rather than see them on social media. Now that we’ve established why email marketing is so important, here are some tips on how to conduct an effective and successful email marketing campaign that will give your company more attention, engagement, and sales.

  • Define your target audience, research the market and make an email list

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Your target audience is the people that you believe would use your product or service the most. Maybe they’re teenagers, maybe mothers, maybe seniors. All of these groups are different and they require different approaches. Before you start your campaign, you need a good list of your current or potential customers’ emails. When you start making your list, you need to verify the emails.

That means you have to confirm that the emails you’ve collected are indeed being used. Often a typo can occur or someone might just give you a fake email address. To avoid any hard bounces, it’s important to go through the process of email verification. There are tools that can make that process faster and easier, so if you’re interested and want to read more about it, click here.

  • Define your goals

Before sending the emails to the addresses from your list, you need to define what you want to achieve. You can decide to welcome new subscribers, encourage people to take certain actions, send updates and content to recurring customers, or re-engage subscribers. All of these goals require different types of emails. New subscribers need to be introduced to your business, products, and services, while the existing customers need to be reminded of your existence and encouraged to start using your products and services again.

  • Include a call to action

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Sending emails is all about calling your users to make a certain action. Maybe that’s to buy your product, maybe it’s to visit your website, fill out a survey, or even rate something. Interacting with your customers like this will not only make you more interesting and trustworthy but will lead to more sales

  • Think of a good subject line

The users will decide whether they want to open the email based on the subject. If the subject doesn’t seem interesting to them, you’re going to be deleted. Also, you should avoid clickbait words such as “You won’t believe what happened next!”, or “Make money!” and “Earn cash!”. Spark the interest, but don’t be too aggressive.

You also have to know how many emails are too many emails. You should be present in your customer’s inbox so they don’t forget about you, but you shouldn’t bore them either.