Latest Printing Technology for Custom Boxes

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High-quality custom printed boxes have cast a spell on the people of USA, UK, and Canada. Almost every company is now making a shift instead of using blank boxes for packaging.

Do you know its reason?

It’s because companies are now using the latest technology for the printing of these boxes. This technology is also known as offset printing that is famous due to many reasons. From paper to tins, this technology can be applied everywhere and has many benefits as compared to normal and ordinary printing techniques.

Especially for the large printable quantities, this technology is a blessing. Moreover, it is very economical in pricing. And that’s what we’ll discuss further in the article.

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The Use of Offset Printing Technology

Offset printing is much talked about nowadays.

According to Duke Packaging, one of the leaders in business, in offset printing technology aluminum plates are used. At first, an image is transferred to a rubber plated and then to the printing product. This technology is called offset because printing is first transferred to another object than then towards your product. The boxes are printed using CMYK. Generally, CMYK means “Cyan Magenta Yellow Black.” These are known as the 4 basic colors that can print other colors as well.

This technology is also applied even if you are looking for your short-run needs. While for large quantities this technology is very cost-effective. Moreover, you can use metallic inks, Pantone colors, and foil.

Steps of the Process

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First of all the artwork is prepared by the graphics designers. They use different tools like Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw and much more. Designers put their imagination and creativity in this phase, which is crucial.

After the completion, it is sent to a company or the person who is ready to operate an offset printing machine. This includes several steps e.g. you get ready the plates that are required for printing. After the completion of all prerequisites, you can start with the printing.

So, after that, the next step is to laminate the boxes.  This is an additional technology feature that makes your box attractive enough. Matte/Gloss lamination is usually offered by the companies.

Following lamination is die-cutting. It’s 2019 and in this era, it is possible to give your product any shape or style according to your desire. Die and cutting machines do that for you.

The last step is called the pasting of your boxes. In this step, labor is applied to assemble the boxes with glue or other adhesives.

And that pretty much completes the process. As you can see, the technology used in this field, as in any other field changes and the companies adapt to it to provide the best products possible.