How to Creatively Use Your Realistic Animatronic Dinosaur Costume?

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dUnlike in the past, when costumes were mainly restricted to fabric-crafted figurines, today, you can find a huge variety of costume varieties that not only look realistic, but you can also use them in a number of different ways. The name of ‘Jurassic Park’ doesn’t need any formal introduction. Since its appearance in 1993, the movie succeeded in earning hundreds and thousands of fans that still admire the concept, especially the revival of one of the most mysterious and sought-after giant animals – dinosaurs.

The movie got so much fame and popularity that devoted Jurassic Park fans tried to incorporate this wild and adventurous theme into their daily lives. Halloween or Christmas, the concept of DIY dinosaur décor and dino costumes has inspired millions of fans around the world. People tried to invest creative versions of their velvet-made dinos with button eyes and Styrofoam denticles.

The companies also found ways to introduce better and more realistic versions of dinosaurs that have gained momentum with the passage of time. With the increased use of technology and the emergence of animatronic technology, today, you can find amazingly realistic lifelike dinosaurs that are not only wearable but can also blink eyes, move the head and do other actions to mesmerize their viewers.

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According to OnlyDinosaurs, these dinosaurs are created by making use of high-quality material, including steel frames and paints that give dino a real lifelike feel. These realistic dinos are made by skilled artists who are well aware of the overall process and put in every possible effort to give dinos a realistic touch.

People buy these realistic costumes to make their special events memorable and also to give new life to their home décor. In this post, we’ll see how you can creatively use your realistic dinosaur costume to add a real fun element to your life:

Use as a Special Event Costume

There is no denying the fact that special events call for creative and special costumes. Ditch your conventional Batman or Spiderman costumes with more realistic and interesting animatronic dinosaur costumes. Whether you’re arranging a special Halloween Bash at home or want to surprise your guests at a customized Christmas party, these costumes can make a perfect fit. Just make sure to create a perfect ambiance all around (you can design a jungle or mountainous theme, for instance) to add more depth to your overall décor.

Use as a Giveaway

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There’s no gift better than a lifelike T-Rex or Triceratops. These costumes are full of life and will be a great addition to any of your friend’s costume collection.

Design a Personalized Dinosaur-Theme Garden

If you have some space in front or back of your home, you can use these realistic costumes to design a customized dinosaur-theme garden. For instance, you can pick two or three models of your choice and place them at your preferred locations. Add rockery, lots of greens, and a smoke generator to make this entire theme work. Also, make sure to use appropriate lighting to bring life to your dino garden.

Arrange a Dino-Theme Birthday Party

Kids are not much interested in a fairytale and Captain America theme birthdays these days. Surprise them by arranging a customized dino-theme birthday décor. If your budget allows you, you can get many huge dinosaur themed balloons from a site like to float around the party to make it seems like there are actual dinosaurs walking around.

Use at Farewell and Proms

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Gone are the days when farewells and proms were all about fantasy characters. Today, you have to think out of the box to make these once-in-a-lifetime events more memorable. What about a fun-filled adventurous dino-theme farewell? Just give it a go, and you’ll be amazed to see the response.

Setup a Commercial Theme Garden

If you’re planning to start a new business and have sufficient funds in hand, you can start your very own dinosaur-theme garden. Simply invest in dino models, dinosaur walking costumes and dino rides to give a lifelike feel to your theme garden

Use as Your Shop Display

Grab everyone’s attention by displaying realistic dinosaur costumes at the entrance of your shop. It will look amazingly relevant if you have a toy shop or a vintage restaurant.

Use as Models in Your School’s Annual Science Fair

Sizzle up the overall look of your annual science fair by placing realistic dinosaur models all around. You can also provide visitors with some worthwhile dinosaur information to keep them engaged.

There you have it. These are just a few examples of how you can use your realistic dinosaur costumes to amaze everyone around you. The possibilities are literally endless. Make sure you think something different and use these animatronic costumes to make your events and surroundings special and unforgettable.

What other ways do you think you can use your animatronic realistic dinosaur costumes to inspire others? Feel free to add to this list and let us know more creative uses of incorporating iconic dinos in your lifestyle. We would love to hear back.