How to Go on A Road Trip with Your Dog in 2024

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Who doesn’t love a road trip? A chance to jump in your car hit the open road, and feel the wind in your hair. In countries like the USA, road trips are just something that most people want to do. Even if you’re not on a cross-country jaunt and simply travelling to another city or town, you may want to bring your dog with you. Most dog owners love their pet like a member of the family and can’t bear the thought of being separated for a long time.

It is definitely possible to bring your dog on the road with you. However, most owners will tell you trying to get a dog to travel comfortably in a car is challenging on its own. Keeping your pet safe is something else you must consider.

Luckily, there are things you can do to ensure long-distance drives with your dog can be fun for you and your pooch. For example, technology is a great tool to help you distract a dog when travelling, such as with music that is soothing or using special play devices. We have already seen how technology can have a profound effect on certain industries.

For example, technology has transformed the betting industry through innovation online. People can now access the best online casinos from their smartphones. You can read review here to see how the best online casinos have become major portals for users. While gambling and pet ownership may seem miles apart, the influence of technology is similar. Your smartphone can now be used to help your dog on long road trips by keeping them distracted.

That said, there are also plenty of other things you can do to ensure the best trip possible:

Use a Pet Carrier

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The most frequent cause of injury for pets travelling in a car is them being free to move around. Whether you have a dog, cat, lizard, or parrot, when travelling it is best that your pet is in a travel crate. Even if you drive very safely, accidents can happen, and you cannot control other drivers on the road. Collisions can cause your dog to be thrown around if they are not in a crate. There are even cases where a pet has been thrown out of the car during an accident.

You can buy travel crates that have been specifically designed for cars. This means they will fit into seatbelts and remain secure on the seat. If you don’t have one of these crates, you should be able to secure yours with bungee cords and rope. A secured crate will stop your dog being thrown around and will even help with motion sickness. Did you know dogs suffer from motion sickness just like humans?

Needless to say, you shouldn’t let your dog roam freely in your car, and especially never let cats loose.

Keep your Dog in the Back

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Sure, we get it. You love your dog, love looking at her, and love talking to her like she’s a baby. However, that does not mean you should keep your dog on the front seat, whether in a crate or not. Simply put, having your pet in the front of the car is a no-no, which means not on the passenger seat and definitely not on your lap.

Distracted driving is a major killer on roads around the world. While distracted driving is mostly focused on people using a smartphone when they drive, there are few things more distracting than a pet. Stick with the crate in the rear of the vehicle and you’ll be good to go. If your dog is distressed in the back, try giving him a favorite toy or treat. Another option is to put one of your tops in the crate because the familiar smell could make your pet more relaxed.

Tag your Pet with your Details

When on a road trip, sometimes you need to get out of your vehicle. You could be traveling across the country with your dog or cat and sometimes bad things happen. Unfortunately, you have to prepare for a situation where you might lose your dog. Tagging your dog is your best chance of getting pooch back later if she does run off.

If you have enough time before you travel, it is recommended to get your cat or dog microchipped. This will make identification of your pet easy for rescue centers, which have become very efficient in recent years. If your dog is lost and chipped, you have a very good chance of recovering your pet.

Stock up on Supplies

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Think about when you go on a car trip, you like to make sure you have enough food and drink with you. In fact, most people take treats and snacks with them. It should be no different for your pet.

Take enough food and water for your pet to be well fed during the journey. We recommend you use food and treats that your animal is used to eating… you don’t want any bathroom accidents along the way. Don’t forget to pack bags to pick up any mess your dog makes in the vehicle, or indeed outside of it.

Prepare a Kit

If you want to be prepared for any eventuality, you can put together a special kit that will let you deal with anything. Below are some must-have essentials for your road trip with a pet.

  • Animal bandages
  • Vet approved medicines, such as pain relievers or stomach relaxers
  • Antibiotic solution
  • Roll of gauze
  • Vet approved anti-nausea medicine to help with motion sickness
  • Can opener
  • Proof of vaccination shots your pet has received
  • A photo of your pet
  • Plastic bags to clean up when your dog toilets
  • Spare dog collar and leash
  • Baby wipes
  • Pet toys
  • A blanket or towel
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Of course, the list above acts as a good starting point but you can certainly add to it with your own ideas and items.


Now you’re ready to get going and have an amazing road trip with your dog on board. If you follow the guide above, you will ensure your pet is safe. You will be able to enjoy the trip more and take care of your dog in the best way possible. Above all else, it’s important to be safe when driving and to just enjoy the adventure of being on the road.