Maintaining Your Garden Design at Home 2024

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When you have spent the time, effort, and money establishing a beautiful garden, it’s essential to maintain it so that you can savor it every day of the year. If you have hired a professional to create a beautiful garden design in Perth, there are easy stuff you can do at home to keep it looking fabulous. If you do not have the time, energy, skills or desire to take care of your lawn but still want lush green grass, consider hiring a professional lawn care service like MyTruGreenlawn.

The gardens are a very refreshing place where you can relax at the end of a busy day. Many people base their garden design on geometry and try to have the same number of straight and wrong lines in it. These lines are the boundaries of plants and paths or fences. Choosing the right garden accessories and plants will create the right tone in the garden that will make the atmosphere fantastic and make your garden a haven.

Ways to Keep your Garden Beautiful

Keeping your garden healthy and thriving doesn’t have to be a time consuming or burdensome process. Giving your garden a few minutes of attention, each day can keep it in top shape. Plus, time in the garden will help you slow down and can be a great de-stressor.

Try these tips to keep your garden healthy and flourishing:

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  1. Water your plants in the evening or early morning when it is cold. High temperatures will speed up the rate of evaporation and make your watering less effective. Since the heat of the earth and water should be approximately the same, watering with warm water is not recommended. Cold-proof materials such as blankets, jute, and hay should not be left wet, as this will lose their protective insulation properties.
  2. Don’t over-water your plants and avoid watering their leaves. Mold and other plant diseases reproduce faster in a moist environment. With the arrival of cold days, watering of plants is often neglected. However, it is very important that plants get enough water during the winter. Don’t forget to water them during the colder months of the year! Plants are watered on days when there is no frost. It is enough once a week. It’s best in the late afternoon when the ground thaws.
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  3. Use an irrigation system to set up automatic watering, so you don’t have to worry. At Luke’s Landscaping, they can help design, install, and maintain irrigation systems for optimum function in your unique garden.
  4. Keep your lawn from stunted growth in hot weather by not cutting it too short. In temperatures over 30 degrees, longer grass will protect the soil from drying out and keep your grass cooler. If your lawn looks terrible, then fall is the perfect time to revitalize. Remove the intricate grass (old grass). If you have significant amounts of moss, then you may want to remove it first with an anti-moss agent and wait for the agent to work for several weeks. In areas (such as roads and play areas), land can become compact. Improve drainage by making deep holes with a garden rake throughout the area.
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  5. Prevent weeds by using mulch in between your plants. Mulch prevents weed seeds from sprouting and helps keep moisture in the soil. Since it is organic, as the mulch decomposes, it will also improve your soil quality.
  6. When weeding, get to the root. Use a trowel or other tool to help you remove the whole plant, roots, and all. Depending on whether weeds have emerged before or after your lawn is planted, opt for the right herbicide. You have to be persistent because the lawn cleaning process can take up to four weeks. If there are too many weeds, you should repeat the process, and then start sowing the grass. Regular mowing and stiff competition in the form of healthy herbs suppress most weeds in the long run, so perennial weeds are rarely a problem in a well-maintained lawn. But what to do when they still appear on an already established lawn?
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  7. Use the right fertilizers to keep your plants strong and healthy. If you’re not sure which fertilizers are right for your garden, ask a professional for advice. Once they get you on the right track, you can confidently feed your plants when required. In addition to ventilation, the lawn also needs to be fertilized at least once or twice a year. Ideally, fertilize once a month. All plants need certain ingredients for better growth and more delicate appearance, green color, dense and healthy growth.
  8. Dare birds to visit your garden by having water available. Birds help keep pest populations down and can control weed growth by eating weed seeds.
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  9. Please take steps to prevent pests because they can destroy your plants. Invite birds into the garden, remove weeds, and get rid of pests when you see them. If you need to, pest control chemicals or organic solutions can be used.
  10. Prune your plants at the right time. Pruning in late winter will help prevent the spread of diseases to new spring growth and done correctly, it can also lead to stronger and better growth in the future. Autumn is the perfect time to take advantage of last year’s compost and make room in the garden for the new season. If your compost is not quite ready, improve the decomposition, and create a new pile – you can never have too much fertilizer! You can stack the compost in a collection that can be fenced in with wood, brick, wire. The compost can be a plastic bin or a metal box. However, note that the bottom of the box has holes.

Garden Design for Perth Homes and Businesses

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The hardest part about gardening is the initial design and installation process, but once you have an excellent foundation, it is relatively simple to maintain your garden. If you are looking for someone to help create a beautiful and functional garden design in Perth, they can help you out.

Luke’s Landscaping Co is a trusted provider of landscape design services in Perth that adds value to any home or business. With years of experience creating a garden design Perth residents love, they can do the same for you.