How to Have a Meaningful Travel Experience, and Get Paid

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Nothing is as good for the soul as travel, but no two trips are the exact same. What is the purpose of the trip? This question will have a large impact on the kind of traveling you do. Those looking to work abroad have an incredible opportunity to absorb an exciting foreign country for longer than they’d likely be able to spend if they were traveling purely for pleasure.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes getting paid to teach English as a Second Language abroad in countries like South Korea such a meaningful travel experience.

Longer Travel is Better Travel

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Dropping into a foreign country and feel stimulated by all the new sights, sounds and smells is a great joy of travel, but actually, there’s also a deeper pleasure in being able to remain there for so long that what at first seemed incredible novel comes to feel ordinary and routine. When you’re there long enough for this to occur, it means you’ve soaked up some of this new place — that’s what being a citizen of the world is all about.

Just make sure you have a support network like Travel And Teach Recruiting to have your back because it’s invaluable to have people on the ground to soften your landing upon arrival. They’ll also help you sort out mundane but important logistical matters, like booking your flight, finding you a convenient, clean and secure lodging, and getting you classroom-ready to teach ESL.

Sharing Knowledge

People around the world are dying to learn English; knowing how to speak, read and write in this language opens up access to a world of English-language culture, and also higher-paying jobs.

English is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, the language of Hollywood and world commerce. Transferring knowledge of English will feel satisfying because really, it both opens up their cultural horizons and gives them more economic security.

Meet Locals

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Whereas tourists are constantly on a search to find the most local restaurants in a broader attempt to have the most “authentic” experience, you’ll simply be meeting people who live there. While tourists seek guides to take them around, you’ll get the same treatment effortlessly, except the guide will be a genuine friend of yours.

Inserting yourself into the same work routine as the people who live there makes your time there more closely resemble the locals’ day to day experience. Soon after living and working abroad, you’ll be so deeply familiar with your new city that you’ll be able to play the role of guide for newcomers.

Travel exposes us to so many kinds of things we’d never see if we stayed home, but working abroad lets us really absorb it all. You’re a different person after you’ve seen a new place, and you’ll also change the people there when you teach them English. That’s why teaching ESL in a faraway country is not only one of the best travel experiences you can have, but you even get paid to do it.