Selecting the Right Windows for Your Home Addition

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The right windows can make or break a home. They are one of the most stunning features of a home and complement its interior design. When you’re taking on a home addition, you’ll want your windows to fit the personality of your home, as well as function optimally. Here are some tips to consider when choosing the right ones for your home addition.

It’s All in the Layout

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The first step in selecting windows for your home is to consider how they will be placed. Be sure to match it with the rest of your home. It’s best to match the original size, height, and spacing of the front windows, but you can add a wall to the back of your addition to mix things up.

Energy Efficiency is King

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It is likely that your house has windows that lack energy-efficiency if they are older. Luckily, there are many energy-efficient options these days like the ones from Golden Windows. They have a variety of options to choose from that were designed and manufactured using the latest window technologies.

Easy to Maintain

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With the latest window technology, new ones are easier to maintain than ever. Cleaning them is a breeze because they tilt, allowing you to wash both sides of the panes. Be sure to look for units that have these easy-to-use tilting mechanisms. This type of feature makes window maintenance and cleaning a breeze to do. Also, new units are better able to protect against storms or unpredictable weather, so you don’t have to worry about any winter mishaps.

Since these are various advantages to new windows, many homeowners replace all of them at once when they are doing their addition. If you have the budget to replace all of them, be sure to leave it to the professionals. Enlist the services of a professional window and door company that specializes in high-quality installations.

Trying Out New Looks

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Now that you know all the benefits of new windows, it’s essential to match them to your home’s design. Whatever your original material was, use a similar divided light pattern to the rest of your house. Divided lights are individual panes of glass, separated by metal or wood (muntins). If muntins aren’t in your budget, as they can run on the more expensive side, you can order simulated divided lights, which create a similar look to actual muntins.

Choosing the right windows is an essential step in any home addition project. Make sure that you purchase those that utilize the latest technologies, are easy to maintain, as well as complement the style of your home. Window installation is not a do-it-yourself kind of project – talk to an expert team with years of experience on the job in order to receive a professional installation service.