How to help a friend who is experiencing hair-loss

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Hair-loss, thinning hair or balding is a cosmetic health issue that many people find both distressing and embarrassing to deal with. Since our hair is often what we use to attract romantic partners, set ourselves apart and establish our identities – it’s no wonder that the prospect of it all falling off your head can be quite scary.

If you notice one of your friends is struggling with an issue like balding, you don’t have to sit back and watch them suffer in silence. Luckily, there are lots of great ways you can be a good friend and help them, such as recommending them products like the Max 3 shampoo, which is designed for helping people who are dealing with hair loss.

Let’s take a look at some ways you can help your friend who is struggling with the onset of baldness.

Recommend them a hair-growth shampoo

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You don’t just have to provide moral support to your friend, you can give them a practical solution in the form of telling them about hair growth shampoo products they can use. It’s a good idea to tell them to speak to their doctor first about whether or not using one of these products will be worthwhile for them depending on their individual circumstances and how far along their issue is.

Many products are specifically designed for men dealing with baldness, whereas others exist for women. According to, the benefit of this product is that, just like regular brands of shampoo and conditioner, you can use them daily in the shower without having to adjust any aspects of your lifestyle.

This will allow your friend to have peace of mind knowing they are dealing with the issue without having to go through any extra effort. All they need to do is have the same morning shower they always did and instead use the special shampoo and conditioner instead of a normal variety.

Show them some styles they can try-out

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Another thing you can do for you friend shows them some unique hairstyles they can try-out next time they go to a stylist or are getting reading in the morning. There’s no shortage of great styles out there that you can research and present to your friend as a means of effectively disguising their balding spots.

Simply doing an internet search for the top styles for balding men will yield lots of resources you can check out. Ask your friend to sit with you as you scroll and compare the different options available to them.

They will appreciate you sitting with them and helping them find something that will boost their self-esteem. Even if you don’t find anything that will suit them, it’s still a nice gesture to take the time to sit down with them to address an issue that is causing them stress.

Help them with accepting it

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One thing you can do is to help them accept that their hair is falling out and that there’s no guaranteed way to prevent it from happening. While there’s no shortage of methods to slow down and offset the complications of balding, ultimately many people will need to eventually learn to accept what is happening to them.

They will have a much easier time accepting the inevitability of their baldness if you are by their side and not judging them. When they know that they have someone close to them who sincerely doesn’t care that they are balding but also sympathizes with the effect it has on their self-esteem, it gives them an invaluable sense of validation.

There you have it, some tips you can use to help a friend who is balding. Of course, they can also pursue more permanent solutions like hair transplants or, as suggested by Hairline Ink, more cost-effective options like Scalp Micropigmentation.