How to Prevent A Wrongful Death In Your Business and Life?

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Over 45000 people die every year due to unintentional road accidents. More than 98000 Americans die every year due to preventable medical errors. Also, over 5000 deaths happen due to workplace accidents. That’s not just all. Every year, about 3000 people die from mesothelioma due to illegal asbestos exposure.

All of the above deaths are wrongful deaths that can be prevented by paying attention and removing causes. Unfortunately, it does not happen in real life and business. Resultantly innocent people die, leaving families with hardships in life.

Here, you’ll get an overview of wrongful deaths. Also, you’ll know the leading causes and how to prevent them. So, keep reading further. It’ll educate you and open your mind.

Let’s begin!

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What is a “Wrongful Death?”

Death due to negligence or misconduct is a “wrongful death.” Family members of the deceased can file a wrongful death claim and sue for damages. The court prosecutes such deaths as a criminal procedure. However, the punishment will depend upon the severity of the defendant’s conduct.

Several circumstances can create such deaths, including medical malpractice, criminal activity, unintentional accidents, manufacturing defects, toxic tort, and more. Yet, plaintiffs have to prove negligence or illegal activity of the defendant to get compensation.

Why are “Wrongful Deaths” so Common in Business and Life?

It happens because people are not cautious enough in their daily lives. Businesses try to reduce costs and employ cheap equipment. Also, industries do not strictly follow workplace guidelines. As a result, the public landscape and professional workplace have become unsafe for people. Now and then, accidents can be prevented by following standard professional guidelines and safety regulations.

Asbestos exposure causes too many “wrongful deaths” in the United States every year. People working in close proximity to asbestos inhale fiber particles and get malignant pleural mesothelioma after some years. You can learn more here. Following OSHA guidelines can save these “wrongful deaths, but most employers don’t abide by them.

Here are the leading types of wrongful deaths:

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Automobile Accidents

A vehicle accident is a leading cause of “wrongful deaths” in the United States. Over 38000 people die due to car fatalities every year. In over 90% of cases, the fatality was the driver’s negligence, which happens due to speeding, carelessness, reckless driving, or driving under the influence. In these cases, the driver is always liable.

Accidents also happen due to road issues, such as poor bends, damaged roads, and slippery road materials. Crashes due to these issues make city and road building authorities liable.

Medical Malpractice

Every healthcare facility aims to employ the most skilled doctors and nurses. So, each diagnosis and treatment can bring a patient’s life to health. In reality, doctors and nurses don’t perform perfectly and result in careless mistakes, causing “wrongful deaths.” That’s why it is called medical malpractice.

The wrong diagnosis leads to fatal medication, causing wrongful death most times. Also, poor treatment by nurses causes a wrongful death when they neglect allergies and specific guidelines of procedures. In these cases, doctors and nurses are liable due to medical malpractice.

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Aviation Accidents

Airplane accidents are not common, but they happen from time to time. The primary cause is always technical faults that create an airplane crash. Yet, the negligence of airplane pilots can also cause aviation accidents.

In these cases, the court determines the cause of the accident and fixes the responsibility. Yet, in over 90% of cases, aviation companies were held liable for the damages of “wrongful deaths.”

Workplace Accidents

Manual labor and construction employment are two examples of high-risk occupations. Workers have to deliver the job in tough conditions without much safety equipment. That’s why the chances of workplace fatalities increase to a high number. As a result, “wrongful deaths” occur from time to time. In these cases, employers are always liable. The court never fixes liability on fellow workers.

“Wrongful deaths” also happen due to too much strain and stress during work shifts. For example, vehicle accidents often occur when the driver comes home after a 12-hour shift. You can think of many other related examples.

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Product Liability

“Wrongful deaths” also occur due to defective products, toxic foods, and unsafe products. That’s why product manufacturers spend too much time on testing. It’s always due to legal claims. Yet, everything cannot be made 100% safe. As a result, accidents happen. In these cases, the product manufacturer is liable. Also, consuming toxic food in restaurants causes “wrongful deaths.” In such cases, the court fixes liability on the restaurant owner or the chef.

Nursing Homes

Many “wrongful deaths” occur in nursing homes and healthcare facilities. The primary cause is always the negligence of the caregiver. Old persons have to consume many medications and supplements. A caregiver can give wrong medicine to a person that causes a “wrongful death.” In such cases, the caregiver is always liable. Yet, the court can also fix the responsibility on the management of the healthcare facility. It’s because they selected an untrained caregiver.

How to Prevent “Wrongful Deaths” in Business and Life?

Here are practical suggestions to prevent “wrongful deaths.”

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  1. City council and road management authorities must focus on the quality of roads and remove blind spots that cause accidents.
  2. The government needs to spread awareness about safe driving. Also, there is a need to introduce strict driving regulations for driving on the road. So, the chances of accidents may be eliminated forever.
  3. Strict laws should be passed against medical malpractice. Professional training programs should be introduced to eliminate all possibilities of wrong diagnosis and ill-treatment.
  4. Nursing homes should provide rigorous training to caregiving staff before commencement of their duties at facilities.
  5. Every product should be tested multiple times from all aspects before going into the sale.
  6. Aviation companies should introduce triple-checking routines for every airplane flight.
  7. Employers should follow OSHA standards and guidelines at all workplaces. Plus, working shifts should not be too stressful, breaking a human soul and capacity.


Family members of a wrongfully deceased person need to file a wrongful death claim and get compensation. Wrongful death can be prevented in all cases. But human negligence and criminal attitudes prevail that create the loss of lives. Without ” wrongful deaths, “our world can be a better place if everyone acts responsibly. Have a great day.