How to Take Care of Online Threats to Your Child with Android Spy App

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The online world is jam-packed with vulnerabilities putting a horrible impact on kids’ mental, psychological, and physical health. From cyberbullying and online child molestation, there are several potential dangers influencing the lives of younger children. Parents can play a key role in safeguarding their children from these online dangers. This article discusses how kids can be protected from the most common online threats with the help of android spy apps.

What is Android Spy App About?

The technologists have developed TheOneSpy mobile phone monitoring and parental control apps to facilitate parents in ensuring the protection of kids. The app enables parents to keep tabs on the cell phone activities of children, including their online and offline activities. Once you install the app on your kid’s phone, you can get access to their phone data without accessing the device. Also, you can control the phone by sending remote commands via the web portal of the spy app. The cell phone monitoring app keeps you informed of your kid’s activities performed on social media and online platforms. It helps to protect children from online threats, including harassment, molestation, scamming, and several other online crimes.

How Android Spy App Work?

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To track the cell phone activities of your children, you need to get their mobile phones installed with the spy app. If your kid is using an android device running Android OS 5+, you can easily install it with this high-tech monitoring solution. The app syncs phone data and uploads to the web portal from where parents can access the entire data anytime. By logging into the web portal, you can send a command to the targeted device to make it perform certain actions. You can also use the TOS navigator app to monitor and control the cell phone of your kid.

How to Combat Most Common Online Threats

If your kid is receiving bullying messages from someone, you must be aware of it to provide the necessary support to your kids in dealing with the bully. The mobile phone spy app keeps you informed of your kids’ messages, phone calls, contacts, photos, videos and more important stuff. This data lets you make sure that your kids are not involved in wrongdoings online and offline.

Track Bullying Messages & Calls

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The android parental control app lets you monitor messages and phone calls of your children to protect them from online bullying. It creates an online backup of all text messages, instant messages and MMS sent and received by your loved ones. You can also get contact numbers of message senders and receivers. If your kid is involved in bullying as prey or predator, his messages will let you know about it.The app also lets you listen to the phone calls of your kids by getting the incoming and outgoing calls recorded. It also provides contact details of callers and recipients. It lets you track all bullying calls and phone calls received from child predators.

Monitor Social Media

It is highly important to supervise the social media activities of children to protect them from social media dangers. Using the android surveillance app, you can monitor Facebook, Instagram, Skype, WeChat, Tinder, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Hike, Hangout, Telegram, Tumblr, and IMO. You can track chats made through these social and communication apps. The app also allows recording activities performed on these online platforms. The supervision of kids’ social media accounts enables parents to ensure their children are not involved in objectionable acts.

Block/Uninstall Dangerous Dating & Social Apps

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Are you kids using dating apps or any age-inappropriate social media app? You can restrict your kids’ access to all objectionable apps by blocking or uninstalling them. The web portal of the android parental control app lets you block, unblock, or uninstall apps installed on your kid’s phone.

Access Passwords of Online Accounts

The mobile surveillance app lets you closely watch out the online accounts of children. You can get access to the credentials of online accounts operated on the targeted device. The app records all keystrokes put to the keyboard of the target Android phone. These keystrokes contain passwords, usernames and email addresses.

The android parental control app offers numerous other features to ensure kids’ protection in the online and offline world.