How to Turn your Attic into Cozy Living Space

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It seems like the search for extra space in the house never stops. People are constantly looking for ways to upgrade their square footage. Whether you want another bedroom, or you’re just trying to maximize your living space, the additional room can add a lot of value. And we’re not talking just money here. Now, some homeowners are choosing to build a full addition to a house. And that can be tricky.

Permits, costs, and of course, space are much bigger issues if you go down this path. However, there’s probably a lot of areas left to utilize in your floor plan. If you have never thought about what’s above your head, now is the time. Here is how to turn your attic into a cozy living space.

Things to consider

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Make sure that your attic qualifies

The first thing to do if you’re thinking about converting your loft is to check your local building code to be sure that it qualifies for changes. Some of the required specifications are different depending on where you live. So be sure to familiarize yourself with them.

Start with your ceiling. You need a ceiling height of at least 7 feet on your attic for it to be considered a living space. If your ceiling is lower than this, there are two things you can do. One is to lower the ceiling in the room below. And another would be raising the roof. It’s not an exactly easy task to do, but the contractor shouldn’t have any problems tackling it.

Another code requirements are heating and cooling. The thing is that it must be possible to maintain a temperature of 68°F in the room. Generally speaking, this shouldn’t be a problem. Modern heating and cooling systems are more than capable of this.

Before you turn your attic into a cozy living space, check if it qualifies for it.

The cost to turn your attic into cozy living space

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Similarly to any other home renovation, the cost will depend on the size of your attic. However, it is advisable to check what’s the value of your home now. You shouldn’t spend more than 15% of your home value on renovation because of insurance. The average loft conversion will cost you anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000. So that’s something to keep in mind.

Of course, many other things come into the game here. If your space is already code-friendly, you’ll need to spend much less money on it. You may even be able to incorporate some of the efficient heating and cooling solutions. Whatever you do, it’s important to set a budget and stick to it. And that you will be able to do with the help of a comprehensive list. Write down all the changes that you want to do and your contractor will come up with the estimate.

Benefits of a conversion

If you’ve ever been interested in the real estate industry you know that any home renovation raises the price of a home. It’s important for you to know that average for the return when you turn your attic into a cozy living space is around 60%.

It’s a simple way to add value to your home and it is relatively cheap. A brand new addition can cost a lot more money to build because it doesn’t have the structure that your attic does. Also, when expanding out isn’t an option, this is pretty much the only thing that you have left to add a living area. Either that or you can start seeking for a company like MovingKing Van Lines FL to relocate.

Extra income can be made

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If you’re interested in making some money on the side, renting this newly refurbished space can be a great thing to do. Whether you’re a homeowner or a landlord looking for a way to get a higher return in rental properties this can work out fine. In this scenario, a bedroom with a separate bathroom is a way to go.

There are many things you can do with your attic, and renting is just one of them.

How to turn your attic into cozy living space – Step by step


For anyone entering the room, your new ceiling will be a focal point. The reasons behind this are simple. It mainly happens because the sloped ceiling is an interesting architectural feature of the room. And this is why you should make the most of it. Finish it in a way that will complement the room design. The most popular decorative ceiling finish surely is wood paneling. It adds warmth and it is very versatile. Here’s what tools you need for home renovation projects if you want to do this yourself.


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Now, when your ceiling is a focal point, your walls become a supporting feature. If your loft, as most of them, has knee walls, it’s best to maximize them with built-in seating and storage. Recessed shelves are the best way to utilize these oddly shaped spaces. On the other hand, if you want closed storage after you turn your attic into a cozy living space, drawers and cabinets are the way to go.


It’s important to think about flooring in other parts of your house when choosing between the options for your new room. Uniformity is a simple way to make your house feel like home. The carpet is always a good idea if you want to absorb any excess sounds that will be coming from upstairs. However, if you’re determined on using hardwood, it is also possible. Put bulkier floor joints, and also dense insulation. This should help with noise traveling through the floor.

An all wooden room under the roof can really look fantastic.


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Now, windows and natural light are a must when converting your garret. Don’t cheap out here as it is one of the most important things. The more natural light you let into the room, the bigger and nicer it will look and feel. You’ll have to deal with one of two choices here. You can go for dormer windows or skylights.

Dormer windows are projecting vertically from the sloped roof. Therefore, they’re ideal for this application. As this type of window projects out, it actually creates new square footage in the room. The nook that you get with these windows is fantastic for built-in seating as well as for storage.

When it comes to skylights, they’re much more common in these types of conversions. You can say that they are standard when you want to turn your attic into a cozy living space. They’re easy to install, and you can do this task without altering the existing roofline too much.