Fixing Your Garage One Door at a Time

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Be it from wear and tear or simply the lifespan has reached its end, homeowners often struggle with finding the right door for their garage. Repairing them can require extensive technical knowledge and an understanding of how they operate – repairs done by a non-professional are ill-advised and can lead to further damage. Often times repairs seem like the preferable option to a full replacement.

Sometimes, you can’t help it and a replacement garage door is necessary. But where do you go to get this done? Fixing or replacing your garage door can be a delicate procedure and you’ll need someone you can trust to go about the process. Luckily, companies like STIGarageDoor specialize in just that. If you’re in need of a proper garage door replacement company in the DMV area, these guys should be someone you contact.

A trustworthy company who has the quality service to back up their review, local companies can have your door repaired or replaced in a matter of hours and have you back on track.

How to Select the Best Repair Company?

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Originating as a ground-up company, they need to take place within easy reach with your house and service homes all throughout the states. They started off as an independent, small-scale garage repair service, but have quickly expanded into multiple garage-related industries. Their staff is some of the most knowledgeable and well-trained repair people available today.

In recent times, the company has expanded its range of services to include specialized repairs and insulation services. The staff is trained to get the job done and to provide the customer with friendly customer service. Reviews can attest to their ability both while working and while discussing business with the homeowner.

If your home is in need of a repaired garage door or a full-on replacement, the best local companies should be at the top of your list. Other local garage repair services offer just that: garage door repairs. Their service includes repairs, replacements, and maintenance. Keeping your garage door healthy is just as important as replacing it when it stops working. Preventing is half the battle.

Services Provided

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As previously mentioned, this company acts as more than simply a garage door repair service. They have expanded their inventory of services to include more categories – breaking into a list of local one-stop-shop for all of your garage door related needs.


They provide customers with new and customized garage doors that are perfect for the specified size and shape requirements. Having an ill-fitting garage door can spell disaster and often leads to issues further down the road. Qualified companies avoid these issues by finding the perfect fit for your garage and installing it for you. If your garage door has started to fail, and you need someone to install a new one, this company offers outstanding service and a quality finished product.

Opener Repairs

Many times, we find that the real issue is not the door itself, but simply a smaller individual aspect of the larger machinery. When this is the case, a simple repair is necessary to solve the issue – determining the part that faulty and replacing it requires focus and a trained hand. That’s why competent employer trains its workers to identify the problem, and to know about each individual part of the system. This way, they will always be able to diagnose and solve the issue.

Door Maintenance

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Keeping your door healthy and preventing any issues that require replacement is as important as replacing the door outright. Preventing issues also means preventing the expensive costs that follow these issues. Luckily, this company offers maintenance services to keep your garage door as clear and healthy as possible. They will combat any issues that arise before they even come up.

Spring Repairs

Each part of the garage door system is just as important as the next and when one is damaged, the whole system could fail. The garage door spring might be one of the hardest working aspects of the full system – replacing it could become necessary before the rest of the system needs to be looked at. Homeowners should try to avoid replacing this part themselves as it could snap and injure someone in the room. Contact professionals to safely remove or repair this part.

Insulation Services

As the weather begins to change and winter starts to show its head, garages can become rather frigid. Whether your garage is being used as an extended workspace or simply an area to store your car, properly insulating the interior can be beneficial to the homeowner. The garage is one of the best access points for exterior weather – cold, rain, snow, etc. Preventing the weather from entering your home starts with proper insulation of your garage.

Garage Openers

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Many homeowners might find that garage doors can be an access point for robbery. This lies in part to weak automatic garage opening systems that let almost anyone in. Having one that doesn’t work isn’t recommended either. They are happy to announce that they offer the latest and greatest in automatic garage door openers on the market.

Final Thoughts

From the friendly service to the quality of the work they have to provide, customers continue to recommend them to anyone who needs a garage door repaired or replaced. Speedy and efficient are commonly paired with the work done by this company – repairs are done in less than an hour. Some customers have questioned the pricing they offer, but others attest that the services match the cost.

Before you start seeking for an appliance repair service, make sure you go through this checklist. Remember all the main points mentioned in the article. They will help you in selecting a suitable service provider for your repair needs.