How Using CBD Oil will Help you to Lose Weight

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If you are interested in CBD oil and the benefits of other products, you have already heard of such in the form of combating anxiety, stress, inflammation, and chronic pain. But there are many more benefits to using this oil.

We met for you members of the JustBob Online CBD Shop, and discussed with cannabis experts, to better understand all the benefits you will have using CBD oil for all the right reasons.

Let’s discover how this substance can improve in your daily life and its therapeutic use

Among the many supposed virtues of Cannabidiol, many scientific studies seem to attest to its beneficial role in promoting weight loss. In other words: can this cannabinoid lose weight?

A complex cannabinoid

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Of the hundreds of existing and more or less well-isolated cannabinoids, the best known are certainly THC, CBD, CBG, and CBC. While THC is a highly psychoactive molecule (therefore a drug) and thus having an effect on the brain, CBD is a very different principle.

First, because of it naturally from the impact of THC, but primarily because it attaches directly to the endocannabinoid receptors of the human body in connection with the immune system. It increases the rate of anandamide, also called “molecule of happiness”.

Another consequence of this molecule that will bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors: a possible analgesic action and anxiolytic. Besides, this substance would have a beneficial effect on smoking cessation and even on the cure of cancer. In 2017, the Ministry of Health stipulated that the CBD “appears legal.”

Obesity and diet

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To lose weight and lose weight in a healthy way, more and more people are turning to natural products without side effects. While the causes of obesity or overweight are as numerous as they are complex, the two main ones are easily identifiable. Poor diet coupled with a lack of physical exercise. Doing a special diet with or without Cannabidiol, only makes sense if both causes are also worked.

Similarly, for an illness: it is better to treat the causes rather than the consequences. It is only on this condition that the risk of diabetes, osteoarthritis, or even heart disease may decrease. According to many scientific studies, taking CBD could have an additional role to play.

Fight against weight gain with oil

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Brown fat, brown fat, or even brown fat are different ways to call a great way to lose weight and naturally present in the human body. Unlike white fat, this type of fat tissue does not store energy, but just burn calories!

The supply of CBD, for example, in the form of Cannabidiol oil, would allow better regulation of the weight by stimulating this brown fat. According to a study conducted by Korean researchers on the effects on immature fat cells (preadipocytes), this famous high-profile phytocannabinoid is having a beneficial impact on the stimulation of genes and proteins supposed to oxidize white fats.

Also, Cannabidiol would increase the proliferation and activity of mitochondria, themselves responsible for our ability to burn calories. Finally, its last beneficial action concerns the reduction of proteins involved in lipogenesis (in other words: in the metabolism responsible for weight gain). This study was published in the scientific journal Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry.

Although scientific studies on the subject are mainly from foreign sources, the CBD has more than promising virtues on weight loss. Try to associate your diet with the oil intake to optimize your results and your well being.

Food intakes

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Inside your body, you will find the chemical compound responsible for hunger and which is triggered by the use and consumption of THC.

In some cases, using THC is excellent in itself for increasing appetite, but thanks to CBD, you can suppress the activation of this “hunger chemical” as it will act with the receptors. Besides, it is also considered a beneficial intake and nutriment as it is offering other long-term medical benefits. Many people already discovered the oil as an excellent way to lose weight and to thwart cravings.

Cannabidiol has been shown to reduce appetite. It does not remove it entirely, but it can “satiate” more quickly. A British study using rats showed that in comparison with rats given cannabinol molecules, the rats given CBD consumed considerably less food during the study period. The conclusion of this study is, therefore, that it can reduce food consumption, but further researches are done on anti-obesity effects.

Is there THC in CBD oil?

Some brands will offer more or less controlled products, or that does not respect the laws in force in France, be careful!

What do the European and the U.K. Law say?

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Certain varieties of cannabis or hemp, without narcotic properties, may be used for industrial and commercial purposes under three cumulative conditions:

. The authorized varieties of hemp are on a list; only the seeds and the fibers can be used.

. The use of flowers is forbidden;

. The plant must have a content of less than 0.2% THC.

How is it consumed?

CBD oil can be consumed in different ways. The most common method is to run a few drops under the tongue, but it is also possible to add it to solid or liquid foods. As for dosage, know that there is no ideal amount: one or two drops, or more; one or more times a day; everything depends on your needs.

Can it cure diseases?

Here again, the lack of studies on the subject precludes any concrete answer. Besides, the legislation does not allow the treatment of Cannabidiol as a drug: it is, at best, a dietary supplement. You can do some personal research on the subject, we find a lot of testimonials on consumer google CBD that report very positive effects.

Does it have side effects?

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To date, no one has reported notable. In high doses, this oil can limit saliva production and create a sensation of dry mouth, but that’s it.

Is consumption risky?

CBD oil comes from a plant, so it is a 100% natural product whose toxicity is not proven. The only toxic substances that could be found in cannabidiol-based products would come from the mode of production (pesticides and other chemicals), just like for fruits and vegetables. It is therefore recommended to choose the oil produced in the right conditions.

How to store it?

The ideal way is to keep your bottle of CBD oil in a cool and protected from light. You can choose to store it in the fridge, in the basement, or the laundry room. In these conditions, you can consume it for a year.