Importance of Revision Notes

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Though making revision notes may seem a troublesome act it is one of the important topics a student shall focus on while preparing for exams. Making revision notes let the student score good marks and pass the exams easily. Not only this, but it also makes learning fun for students. It is considered as one of the good examples of integral study habits.

It helps in improving the cognitive process in students due to writing. It has been shown that writing in any form, be it typing using a keyboard or writing with a pen helps in the cognitive process which in turn enhances learning by developing imagination, memory, reasoning, and thinking.

Making Notes is a skill for a student.

Making notes in different ways is always encouraged. In order to improve the student’s ability to revise and summarize information, he should make this a habit. Few students make better, in detailed notes when they are more interested in the chapter and find it interesting.

Benefits of Making Revision Notes

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To understand things better, the student should make them. It helps them to interpret the concepts into their own words which are easier to understand. It also lets you avoid situations where students don’t even understand a single word and blankly read the whole page. Making notes make your brain squeeze out the meaning of each word you‘re writing, which is really beneficial for them.

Vedantu acts as a referral to go through while preparing for exams. This also helps in saving time and energy during exams as it is an easy way to recall and revise topics in less time. Reading your own notes will make you write quickly in exams. Not only that, but it would also let you avoid cramming things.

Let’s learn some more benefits of them:

  1. Preparing revision notes helps in improving memory. This, in turn, let the students study more by reducing the probability of forgetting.
  2. Revision notes increase attention span. It also improves the focus of the students as by making them needs to pay attention to each and every detail. This lets them score more marks in exams as they had focused more on the subject.
  3. It promotes learning. They activates the part of the brain which promotes learning. It trains the brain to learn easily in order to absorb more and new information quickly.
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  4. You tend to use more of your brain when you’re listening to your teacher in class and preparing notes simultaneously. It happens because of your edit, summarize and retain only the necessary information.
  5. Preparing revision notes helps you in increasing the attention span. To achieve the goal of retention, you need to make learning as an imperative part of your preparation. Your positive memory is improved when you make them. It happens so because the mind starts working actively while studying. To retain the concepts in mind for longer, you should write the notes. It would help you in understanding the topics better.
  6. You will be more organized if you make revision notes passively. It would help you to make the priority list and finish the work on time accordingly. Apart from studying from study notes, it is also a necessary skill which all the students should adapt to.
  7. Refer to other study resources while making revision notes. Students, who are in higher classes, usually have no limits to learn from. Making proper revision notes will help them to focus while preparing for final exams. This will help them to save learning time and process quick. Studying from all the reference books or study resources at the last moment of examination is not possible. Preparing effective revision notes can help you at these hours. They should be made in such a way that he should be able to cover the whole book from the revision notes itself.
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Referring to revision notes is handy. It is a quick way to revise the whole syllabus at the last moment of examinations. It is an art that every student must-have. All the above benefits of making revision notes will motivate a student to prepare it well. They are the most helpful resource for a student.