The Only Proven Ways to Improve Your Slot Wins


The main goal of every slot player is to win big, although they are fully aware that this isn’t something they can actively control. Of course, slots are based purely on luck, just like winning the lottery.

However, the player can take charge by choosing the right games and doing a few other things that are proven to help. In the end, you can’t lose by paying attention to the following the next time you hit up, for some exciting slots action.

Be Very Choosy About Which Games You Play


Just because a game has a theme you like the look of or a jackpot that would be incredible to win does not mean it’s really worth playing. For instance, there are a few other things you should consider before you pick a game.

Unlike what many people seem to think, not every slot game is the same aside from the visuals. In addition to different themes and denominations. Every slot game has something called a Return to Player rate. This is a percentage of how much the game will give back from what goes into it. Of course, you should look for games with the highest RTP because this will give you greater odds of winning more money.

However, this number isn’t usually shown on the machine or the game online. So, you may need to put a little extra effort into looking into reviews, casino groups, and blogs to find the best games to play for that year. Then, it’s simply a matter of playing at a casino that has the games you’re looking for.

Always Check Out the Pay Table First


Reading over the pay table quickly before starting a new game is crucial. This is the only way you’ll know exactly what you can expect from the game as well as how to trigger the bonuses and other features that help you win.

For example, some of the things pay tables to show you are what each symbol is worth and how they rank against others. In addition to information about wild symbols, scatters multipliers, and whether the game has free spins and bonus rounds that you can trigger. Most importantly the pay table is where you find out how much you need to bet per spin in order to trigger these features. Naturally, this is very important as you want to make sure you can activate enough lines to win the prize you have your eyes on.

Play Free Slots for Practice


The only reason to play slots for free is to figure out which games are the best. But that’s mostly if you really don’t have much experience with them in the first place and would like to improve your chances of winning. Free slots are also great for times when you just need to scratch the itch but don’t really have it in your budget at the moment. Of course, they can also be great fun when you’re choosing titles with a little more complexity.

In any case, most casinos allow you to play games just for fun before you make a deposit to the site. That way you can explore different selections and figure out what you like about the casino as well.

Take Full Advantage of Introductory Bonuses


Online casinos have an edge over land-based ones when it comes to new member offers. In fact, being a new player gets you nothing at the majority of traditional casinos. But at top casinos online, you can take your pick of numerous welcome bonuses available at any given moment.

For example, free spins are something you can claim at most online casinos that specialize in slots. And the best part is whatever you win with these bonuses is yours to keep. As long as you meet the wagering requirements before you plan to cash out.

Another type of lucrative offer that’s currently the standard is the 100% match you get when you make your first deposit(s). This is when the casino will match however much you deposit to your account with them. But only up to a certain maximum. Therefore, to make the most out of it and get as much free credit as you can is by adding as much as the maximum allows. This will give you more money to spend playing and hence, more chances to win a huge jackpot.

Try Smaller Jackpots


The major attraction in casinos is usually the enormous jackpots on their most popular progressives. But that doesn’t mean these are the only games you should be playing. In fact, games with small or medium jackpots pay out much more frequently. For obvious reasons, since large jackpot progressive games wouldn’t be so big if they were paying out all the time.

This also allows you to stay within your budget for slots because the large progressives also require you to make the max bet on denominations that might already be on the higher end. But it all depends on the particular game you’re playing.

Stay Within Your Limits


Certain personality types have a harder time with this one than others. But we could all use a reminder that when playing slots or any other game for that matter, it’s key to stay within your budget. Not just your financial limits but also how much time you can invest in it as well. Slot games can be highly addictive, as they are also a lot of fun. Moreover, the majority of players will feel like continuing to chase that big jackpot even when they are approaching or have exceeded their budgets.

Just remember that casinos have been around a while and aren’t going anywhere. So, if it’s just not been your lucky day, that doesn’t mean you can’t try again another time. The way games are set up, you do not get lucky streaks or any patterns in how the symbols show up. Therefore, you can win on your first spin just as easily as you can if you’ve been playing for hours.